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Site Upgrade - Finally!


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Oh, I also need to address the massive signature problem. On the old forum these were clipped/hidden by some frame thing I added, but I've not done the same here as I'm trying not to customise anything. But I'll have a look next week at what's best to do.

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1 hour ago, Danhook97 said:

@mawby great work! Looks good! One question i do have is with the old page i selected to invert the colours on everything so had a black background etc. is this a option on the new one? 

Check out the bravo6 template selectable from the bottom of the page.

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12 hours ago, Supra2jze said:

Looks good, easy to navigate & overall a great job. Well done guys!

Oh wow, that’s one heck of a sig you have there?! Good job I can now hide sigs from people clogging up my view.

1 minute ago, wile e coyote said:

This may take some getting use to but looking fresh

is there a tips area how to ?

There’s some member guide info in the manual here https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/member-functions/account-settings-r78/

It’s pretty straight forward.

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