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  1. What's the £34k in reference to?
  2. Hammer price was £42k so the extra must've been fees etc.
  3. I have a boxed one too. Damn, that means it's worth a few quid less now.
  4. The way of valuing Supras is moving into a slightly different arena now, did you see the UK TT that went through Silverstone Auctions at the weekend? £42k. That was a high miler example but looked in good condition (from what you could see on camera). Very much valued on originality, history, overall condition, rarity. How does this vehicle stack up with those values in mind? Also you'll need to prove the km vs miles as it will have had a speed converter fitted on import and clocked miles since then. People are starting to BS their ODO's as being in KM. There's a '99 import VVT
  5. That's an outrageous thing to say! I'm outraged!
  6. Pete


    Sounds delicious.
  7. Pete


    Steel pan is ESSENTIAL. You simply cannot get the on the edge of burned caramelised stickiness you need which adds so much flavour to the dish with a non stick pan.
  8. Pete


    He recommended this book to me which I think this was from https://mistyricardo.com
  9. Pete


    One of my devs is big into making curry's. He gave me some frozen "base" which is then used to make loads of different curry's. I did this one and it was gorgeous. Notes: Double everything. The recipe is a single portion which feeds 1. Only things not to scale up exactly double are salt, and possibly the peppercorns. Tomato paste is 1 parts tomato puree to 3 parts water (mix it and it should be rather thin). For the base, dilute with 300ml of water
  10. Glad you checked as I would’ve hated to disappoint. I just wired up this unit to check and it does the same as the guy in the video, no step 7!
  11. So the auction didn’t sell which surprised me with so many watchers. Thought it was a great buy at £120?
  12. Pete

    GR Yaris

    I hope it’s all you dreamed!
  13. Spotted anything that's cool in the new forum software? Let everyone know. I'll start the ball rolling - you can now enable browser notifications! Click the Bell in the top right, then Notification Settings. At the bottom of the page you can enable Browser Notifications so you can be alerted to replies whilst you're working on other things.
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