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  1. New FOIA Reveals Fauci Agency Funded Pathogen Enhancement at Wuhan Lab https://humanevents.com/2021/09/07/new-foia-reveals-fauci-agency-funded-pathogen-enhancement-at-wuhan-lab/?amp=1&fbclid=IwAR2PPNXytgjDpR7oXXCAr8jcFjMDP1mwORFCJfmiT537ncRCC3u3krWtQkQ
  2. and take your head off at the same time.
  3. If going with a solid drive shaft you are going to need solid bushes on the diff too otherwise you are going to create problems. You can’t mix and match solid components with flexible, well you can but it’s not advised.
  4. You either use a 200mm version (small diff) or 220mm version (large diff). You know how a 1.5 way works? Edit 1 way the LSD works under acceleration and is not effective on deceleration. 1.5 way the LSD works under acceleration and is half effective on deceleration. 2 way the LSD is effective under acceleration and on deceleration.
  5. Happy days, there is so much shite to sift through regarding this it’s hard to know what isn’t true and what is. What is the video from? A longer news conference that has been edited?
  6. I have no clutch pedal, I’m a tiptronic auto I’ll have the box built by ATF and call it a day. Besides autos are quicker than manuals 100% get a ride in one. I have one other Supra close to me and that’s it. Do you know if anyone in the U.K. has gone with the T56 or are you hoping to be the first? I don’t envy you manual guys at all, expensive clutch to replace on regular basis, slower and should the box go pop, as you say, mucho ££££’s. I’d just be careful with what Joel says, at the end of the day he is there to sell his product and we have spoken about traders and honesty
  7. Anyone with friends or family in Australia who can find out about the legitimacy of this news story? https://nationalfile.com/australian-government-to-seize-24000-children-vaccinate-them-without-parents-present-in-massive-stadium/ Surely this is conspiracy theory…
  8. Can you upgrade/strengthen the R154? For the cost of a T56 kit (off to look at prices now) would you not be better off trying to source and fit V160/1? Edit The cost is $8695 for the GR1000 plus shipping and VAT?
  9. Straight out of the box, quick Google search and I have found a video from the man himself talking about it. Enjoy!
  10. You can’t sound proof against harmonic distortion through the drivetrain, all you can hope to do is cut down the noise in the cabin. There is too much tolerance built into the gears on a T56 and that input shaft rattle would drive me insane. If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend trying to get a ride in one in the U.K. before committing to a kit. Have you seen any videos of the noise? You have spent a lot of time on your car, I’d hate to see this ruin the love for you. Drained that diff and had the cover off yet?
  11. If you are going T56 you might as well change the rear end too as the ratios will be out. You know this set up is noisy don’t you? They don’t call it the box of rocks for nothing!
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