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  1. This is as bad as cars being fitted with all optional extras then subscribing to unlock them.
  2. Glad to hear it’s not for sale. Thing is, this is pretty special and rare. GZ Aero, big Diff, manual 6 speed. It ticks all the right boxes for a car of this type. Then the T04Z is lovely in a old skool way. Ability to back to stockish. I’m going 40K. What do I win?
  3. Frank Bullitt


    Couldn’t get much worse! You seem to be really getting into this, what’s your best dish? Tried a Butter Chicken yet?
  4. Frank Bullitt


    Hope your not planning leaving us any time soon.
  5. Looking good, how was the 4x4 action? Not sure if you noticed but you have a photo up with the KY on your dash, luckily no Lemsip could be seen
  6. Only pulling your leg, I was just referring to stock to stock distances. I know you have gone to the darkside, how you finding it?
  7. Frank Bullitt


    Hopefully none of your neighbours cats start go missing. Apologies, that is Chinese cooking. This is Indian, carry on Bit late but happy new year dunk.
  8. You guys like stopping slower than a regular Supra?
  9. Frank Bullitt


    I thought power of attorney was when your faculties were no longer up to the job and executor for when you give up breathing.
  10. Interesting, is the clue in Teflon or are all braided brake lines made of Teflon?
  11. This any help - https://www.parcelmonkey.co.uk/courier-services/parcelmonkey-international
  12. They are now a forum trader - https://www.mkivsupra.net/topic/246178-trader-application-tcb-performance-parts-ltd/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-3526128
  13. To further confuse matters, I went with CW’s recommendation and replaced the plastic impeller pump with a metal version. Give TCB a shout for the best price and also give https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/toyota,1995,supra,3.0l+l6+turbocharged,1278626,cooling+system,water+pump,2208 a look. They usually have a 5% voucher floating around on the net, their postage can be a little expensive and you have to factor handling charges and import duties et cetera.
  14. I believe hot air is less dense and holds less oxygen than cold air. This means turbos have to work harder, spin faster and compress more air to produce the same amount of boost it would at lower temperatures. Which would help explain why water injection kits work so well.
  15. So air velocity plays no part in lag? A larger area to pressurise will make no difference? A non-ducted FMIC vs ducted SMIC, both new condition, zero difference? With the greatest of respect Mike, unless a turbo and FIMC are properly matched I would have to disagree. Surely a small turbo with a large intercooler will flow at a slower rate due to having to move more air in the system. Could this set up not also have the potential to cause a drop in boost pressure?
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