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This club isn't simply run by a set of rules. It is moderated by volunteers who put themselves in the position of making difficult judgement calls. These guidelines are geared towards improving the enjoyment of the forum for everyone who uses it. Some of these guidelines are more prohibitive, however, and they function as rules.


  • No trolling. Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to get people riled up. Substance is the key to not being labelled a troll.
  • Criticise ideas, not people. Flaming will not be tolerated.
  • No member is allowed to engage in public personal attacks (Personal, Racial, Ethnic, and/or Gender based insults, slurs, or derisive comments) on any other member.
  • All complaints need to be communicated privately using the "Report this Post" feature.
  • In the event of a legitimate compliant, and at the moderators discretion, offending posts will be edited or removed, and the offending party shall either receive a warning or a ban, depending on the seriousness of the offence.
  • No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material. The moderators judgement applies here. Sexually suggestive images will be heavily scrutinised. We'd like for our members to be able to visit the site at work and share with friends without fear of retribution.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Do not post other's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., without their permission.
  • Each individual may only have one account. Duplicate accounts will be banned.
  • Do not place foul language in thread subjects.
  • No commercially-oriented posts without a valid trader membership.
  • No private for sale posts without a valid club membership.
  • All for sale posts must include a price. Offers via PM and Dutch auctions are not allowed and will be deleted.
  • This club is for its members; profiteering is not welcome here. For sale posts with excessively inflated prices will be deleted.
  • And of course, no spamming and no flooding with useless content.

Posting Guidelines

  • Use descriptive subject lines and research your post. This reduces the chances of double-posting, and it also makes it easier for people to see what they do/don't want to read.
  • Restrict the use of foul language. Many who visit this site do so in a family environment, with young children potentially viewing over their shoulders. We aren’t saying you can't express your opinion, but please try and do so without unnecessary swearing.
  • Post in the correct forum. Resist the temptation to post something elsewhere because you think you'll get "better responses" in a particular forum.
  • Do not post the same content in several forums.

Signature Guidelines

  • Signatures are to be no longer than 5 lines.
  • Signatures cannot contain pictures as this breaks up the flow of the forum.
  • Signatures are expected to follow the same guidelines as posts, which means no flaming, no swearing, no personal attacks, and no adult material etc.
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