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  1. They are pre facelift alloys the facelift ones don’t have the bracing
  2. I have a membership card somewhere. was it Rosie who deals with this side of things?
  3. This is disgusting and he’s not the only one, what is the forum doing about this nothing in my eyes.
  4. I think my car is on porterfield pads which are great but Chris Wilson’s are highly rated too
  5. The abs connectors are inside the car at the back of the rear plastics behind the speakers (I managed to get to mine just with the boot plastics removed but it’s very tight!) Above the prop around the centre of the car you are correct you can disconnect the handbrake there
  6. Either Blitz nur spec or HKS super dragger
  7. What do they look like on a car as in showing a full side plus do they clear U.K. brakes?
  8. I use a same day courier just search for one on google but it’s expensive!
  9. This is just to fit in my rolling shell as it’s minus a screen yes they are still available new.
  10. I need a windscreen please pm me once you have a price in mind!
  11. I have owned my Supra mkiii turbo 24 years does that count!
  12. I have just seen this in fb no idea why the club owner hasn’t put it on here and then people wonder why the forum is quiet as he doesn’t even use it himself
  13. That’s a U.K. spec speedo so a rare part!
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