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  1. I have just seen this in fb no idea why the club owner hasn’t put it on here and then people wonder why the forum is quiet as he doesn’t even use it himself
  2. That’s a U.K. spec speedo so a rare part!
  3. I loosen the nut enough (nothing worse than giving yourself a broken nose) but still on the threads and a little wiggle and pull up they release off the spline
  4. They are all off the forum
  5. Screws in the ashtray are normal yes? I had my spare diff in (my U.K. diff was removed for a rebuild!) which was a jdm so no oil level indicator hence the warning triangle. What annoys me is why can journalists not do their homework beforehand on what they are going to review? I will never forget Shawn’s face as Matt was going for a run in his car as it was damp and obviously Mr Matt Watson is used to modern cars that have computer controlled aided traction control
  6. I think I have a Jack handle, let me check ok
  7. Off memory unzip the back and there’s 2 bolts at each side then slide it upwards so pretty easy. To remove the base remove the large side panel (removing the buttons first) then there’s a bolt at roughly each corner simply remove those and switch them across to the other mechanism
  8. I swapped mine using parts from another seat that the opposite side had stopped working and yes they are not the easiest of jobs make sure both runners are aligned correctly before building it back together.
  9. My mechanic is changing my cam belt (kit) water pump (I have the tensioner too) bottom pulley and aux belt tomorrow is there any other items/jobs I should be doing whilst doing these? I have the oem bottom pulley tool for the pulley!
  10. Looking good buddy I remember this car being for sale did it change hands twice in a year if I remember correctly?
  11. The rear one above the rear box is discontinued I believe
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