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  1. Worth even more then
  2. I get that he’s just so knowledgeable
  3. It was my black U.K. tt6! thank you for your positive comments
  4. blythmrk


    Exactly as Swampy said
  5. I believe these are discontinued new so sourcing a good used one is now extremely difficult
  6. I thought it was just turn up on Sunday until they email me back have you been before, is it a good show?
  7. I am in the show and shine are you there Saturday? Send me a pm
  8. Yes I think you can! I think Burma ran a stock U.K. ecu with a single setup originally?
  9. Tbh the low mileage, low owner cars are preferred and I completely understand that but the condition must match the mileage.
  10. I test drove one at Thruxton as Toyota GB loaned my Mkiv to display on the preview days. I was very impressed overall but I didn’t really concentrate on the interior as I was always going far to quick My summary would be: Fast as standard so must be amazing with another 100hp! Good traction & handling. Sounds great. What I do say is that it’s a very good car but if the BMW involvement bothers you don’t buy one. I would probably choose a m2 comp over the mkv as they have rear seats plus I think they look great
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