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  1. Hammer

    Project Pesto

    Great thread, thoroughly enjoyed reading through this, great work. Nice to see another one being saved. I'm in the middle of doing mine so it's nice to have a look at the issues you are facing and comparing those with my own findings, I'll sort out a thread at some point. I like what you've had done with the wheels, they'll look great. Really looking forward to your progress with this.
  2. Great looking Supra in a really great colour. Welcome.
  3. That's very nice Alex, like them a lot. A real sleeper, so nicely understated. My son keeps playing with the idea of getting one so will be interesting to see how you get on with this one and hear your thoughts on it.
  4. Great work Mawby, thanks for all your hard work to get this up and running.
  5. Interesting stuff. I'm looking forward to the updates. Nice to see something different.
  6. Nice progress. Scary when it first gets taken to pieces but exciting to se it coming back together. Looking forward to seeing this progress.
  7. Wow, that takes me back. Got to keep the pics. and videos coming. Love it
  8. Welcome, two very nice looking cars there.
  9. As said, good find and thanks for posting it Alex as I probably wouldn't of seen it otherwise.
  10. Lovely looking Supra, like the gold wheels with red detail, give the car a real different look.
  11. Nice work, well done.
  12. Top work mate, looks really good and original.
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