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  1. Is that due to lack of use or old fluid?
  2. This. If it hasn't been changed recently, I would suspect a seal has gone and is letting air in somewhere.
  3. Reservoir Cap knackered? Air in system causing it to over pressurise? Is it doing it without even moving the wheel? As in a minute after you have turned the car on it is leaking?
  4. It says in their T's and C's that they have to wait to get your money back from the insurer before they can send it on to you as they are just the broker.
  5. The supra registry is not 100% accurate however it is a good indicator.
  6. For the uninitiated it would nice if once of the Crypto boffins could do a dictionary or Crypto terms. Because I literally don't have a clue what any of that means. I thought at one point you were throwing deceased felines off of a roof in an experiment
  7. Tyson

    Audi Q7

    I'd love to have a hoon around in one of these V12 bad boys https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202101208180124
  8. Series 2 and Facelift are the same thing just called something different here in the UK. The were sold in a variety or trim levels though not just VVTI manuals, all Series 2 cars were imports here in the UK as well, no domestic sales.
  9. We haven't gone that crazy on prices just yet! I don't think there is much of a difference in price here unless you have super low miles or a very late model (2000-2002).
  10. Holy moley batman! £80 is pure madness for a set of wiper blades. I am not tight but I wouldn't spend more than a £10 for a set of blades and most of the time less. I have never seen any difference between an expensive or cheap wiper blade which is just a thin strip of rubber at the end of the day, regardless of how much techno jumble they throw at you. To really give yourself superior wiping ability, use car glass polish or water beading spray like rainex, this is a far better use of your money and will yield better results. I do this on the supra and on my daily where I do 10k+ miles a
  11. I have tidied the thread up at the OP's request. As this is a for sale thread can you please only comment if you intend to buy the product for sale. Keep all other conversations separate please.
  12. Not many daily drivers left these days! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the club. Start a new member thread and put some pictures up
  13. Coming along nicely now, do you a completion date in mind?
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