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  1. Thanks for sharing, yes it looks like he didn’t keep it very long. I wonder if it was sold and not exported properly? Or whether it was in an accident and scrapped? There are some cheap basic HPI checks like caranalytics.com for a few quid that would tell you if it been scrapped or not, if you had the urge to find out.
  2. Thanks for that one John, I already spied it and put it on
  3. Sounds good John, any specifically on UK cars would be good!
  4. Hmmmm, reg is on an UK spec blue auto now. Thanks for digging that out though It's been a while since I saw a proper photo!
  5. What did you need to provide to get that value?
  6. Did you take your car to Jurgen or did you just provide him details of the car? Spec, pictures, history etc
  7. Good to know, I’m with Lancaster and my insurance renewal should be through the door any day now! Although I’m looking into Reis as they seem to be more negotiable with agreed values.
  8. Hard tops command big money in the states, they are more sought after for power builds and are rarer than Aeros. Complete opposite here where hard tops are common and Aeros command more money!
  9. Are you going for something a bit more subtle It definitely does stand out John!
  10. I was speaking to Keith about this a few months ago, he couldn’t find any pictures of the car or remember exactly what the reg was. Does anyone have any pictures of the car?
  11. Lovely car, do you have any more info on it or what happened to it? We have a register for UK spec cars and it would be nice if we could add this one to it! Can’t believe I’ve been here nearly 11 years, although that’s still the probation period compared to some of you.
  12. Was the valuation by JM to support the agreed value or did Reis say that you had to have one?
  13. Hi John, welcome to the club. Main stream insurers will go off book value which doesn’t work for classic cars, I would suggest looking at specialist companies such as our club insurer Sky, Lancaster, footman James, hagerty to name a few. Who are you insured with? Is it a genuine UK spec car?
  14. My Ctek is one of the best bits of kit I have bought, it will keep your battery in tip top condition when not in use. Glad it was an easy fix.
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