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  1. And even dreamier in forged magnesium
  2. Just an FYI that your camera roll is on the bottom of the images and that hand/claw is scary
  3. Welcome back, nice to see another forgotten car being given a new lease of life.
  4. I'd throw Lexus into the mix as well, parents have had a CT, IS, RX and NX all of which have done good miles in ownership and never had anything go wrong. Packed full of gadgets and the interior feel and quality is right up there with cars double the price.
  5. Tyson

    New member

    Welcome to the club
  6. Most likely to be the classifieds, got to be the number one source of Supra's for them.
  7. When I originally asked you said you didn’t remember the reg of the car, and couldn’t find a photo. Now I know you were just trying to get rid of me Thanks dude I’ll pop it on properly later on.
  8. Nice bit of nostalgia there I was hoping to see your old UK spec in there but alas, no. Still looking for a reg or a vin for it so I can properly add it to the register!
  9. If you want to the look through the classifieds or buy from a member, you’ll need to become a member but hopefully someone can help you out if they know where you can still buy them from.
  10. Have you spoke to Keron recently? His stock is always changing so he might have what you need.
  11. Very nice, looking forward to following this
  12. Great news on the sale and can’t believe those fees! One less in the country is sad but good news for those that remain being that little bit rarer
  13. Where there is a will there is a way, by the time fossil fuels are banned we will have either green or fully synthetic fuel alternatives that have no or very little carbon footprint. Having a car with an internal combustion engine will probably be a hobby for the rich and famous. Hopefully someone will find a way to convert cars to run on alternative fuels, I am thinking Back to the Future stuff here to keep us mere peasants behind the wheel!
  14. With a bit of a gradient and a tail wind it's actually quite easy and effortless to get up to that speed in a stock car or so I've heard, with a long enough road I am sure it would be possible to go faster. Correct me if I am wrong but a stock UK TT6 setup is geared to around 200 mph and the 155mph limiter is either a lie or only fitted to early model cars. Bear in mind though that when your speedo says your doing 175 you aren't, I don't know if anyone has done proper GPS testing on how much the speedo is out at those speeds.
  15. You win together and you lose together, George Russell completely let down by the team, what a disaster. Easily driver of the day for me, Perez had a good race but it was more about circumstance than driving skill which is why George is driver of the day for me.
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