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  1. Sure it's not a converted auto? PM me the VIN and I can check.
  2. No there isn't, shouldn't take to long once the payment has cleared.
  3. Unless you have video evidence or know serial numbers, there is literally zero chance of getting it back. I'd take it on the chin and just enjoy the car, not worth the time and effort chasing what will inevitably be a dead end in my opinion, the boat has sailed unfortunately as you have taken receipt of the car and haven't raised the issue at the time. Welcome to the club though, don't think there are that many fresh imports coming to the UK due to prices now.
  4. There are only 4 1a1 UK cars, 1 manual and 3 autos but the manual is now red and owned by a member on here. Any others didn’t come like that from the factory. @Mike2JZ is it actually 1a1? Or is it red?
  5. Hi, Do you know who you spoke to about upgrading to life time membership?
  6. Tyson

    Stock twins

    Second hand purchases are always a gamble. If you are not comfortable with them potentially needing a full rebuild or them being scrap, I'd buy from someone you can trust or someone who can give you a warranty. But you will always pay more for peace of mind.
  7. Tyson

    Focus ST

    sorted A friend has a hatchback in the same colour, absolutely loves it and not had any issues to speak of.
  8. Thanks for that, I have reached out to them and hopefully they will respond
  9. Do you know the owner, tried contacting them about their Supra but no joy.
  10. This. Classic policies aren't always the cheapest either to add to the fun, I am with Lancaster on a normal policy which is cheaper than some are paying on a classic policy. Agreed value as rider says plays a huge factor now in pricing, with cars ranging from £25-60k for TT's alone.
  11. Are you looking at classic because of the price?
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