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  1. Thanks for the part number I googled it and came up with this image. I’m now thinking it’s part number 90950-01676 going off it being in the middle.
  2. Has anyone got these or knows the part number, picture stolen from google
  3. How much are Gary’s? any good used ones about?
  4. Dare I ask how much these go for now? Possibly looking for one I can paint up so needs to be in half decent condition!
  5. I can’t help but I hope you plan on taking pictures I’m hoping to drop my subframe soon.
  6. I found this image and it does seem like the barrel tabs should be on the outer skin, I reckon the body shop has bolted the handle back on with the barrel tabs on the inside causing the recess to push out.
  7. Mine never had them and it wasn’t like this before it went away.
  8. I can’t seem to get the barrel to sit flush inside the handle. It went out for paint and came back like this. They had installed the barrel with the tabs on the inner door skin but I think the tabs should be on the outer door skin am I right? Trouble is when I tried do it this way the handle doesn’t want to sit flush against the door? Am I missing something here or just need to be a big boy and tighten it down?
  9. Iv spent years pondering over buying new rims and still don’t know exactly what size to go for I’m currently on 19’s but think I would prefer 18’s. I’m also having the rear arches rolled but don’t ask me why because I still don’t have the knowledge or the brain power to work out what et width etc I need did you find some wheels you like?
  10. I have the front bumper one in the garage. I’m not sure what to ask for it? Send me your number via pm and il send some pictures over tomorrow
  11. That’s not a bad idea, I’m pretty confident the blade gaskets should work but just in case iv ran a bead of silicone around the bolt heads. Couldn’t believe the amount of water that came flooding out.
  12. ballsdeep

    2jzge na-t

  13. Love the simplicity of uploading photos to threads. Great work!
  14. I just wanted to share my simple but hopefully affective improvement for the trd spoiler. Decided I wanted to make some gaskets for the base of the spoiler so went about removing them, what I wasn’t expecting was a water feature when I removed one of the mounting bolts. Literally they were both full to the brim with water! So Iv made some for the end of the blade too and plan to cover the bolt holes. Not yet fitted but I’m pretty sure it should prevent any more water in! for anyone needing these this is what I used. 2mm 50x30cm neoprene adhesive sheet cost me
  15. My pictures won’t upload for some reason so borrowed some google images for any one interested I can forward the images.
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