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  2. Pre-facelift or facelift?
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  4. Just bought this one for mine, decided it needed doing. Will update when it turns up
  5. Thanks for the heads up Just ordered some for the Supra
  6. Yesterday
  7. Nice 1986 XR4X4 Sierra Cosworth. My boss's 'rich' brother bought one new when I was an apprentice cabinet maker. It was the GTR of it's day!
  8. Hi ya, thanks for your reply. The fuel pump is stock.
  9. What fuel pump are you running? Sometimes aftermarket pumps can put too much draw on the factory fuel ecu and cause issues like this. Personally I wouldn't try to repair it. Just replace it with a relay, or another second hand unit.
  10. Just read this myself. Can’t believe the stuff you’ve been through.. welI actually I can relate a lot. Had a lot of crap to deal with and now sitting with a blown gearbox but it’s not all bad. Has some great memories. honestly you’re probably better off either breaking it or selling it fully working. Selling a broken car is never going to be good value for you. Fix it and see how you feel. That’s what I’m going to do. As i feel now I want to sell but who knows when it’s working on a sunny day
  11. Hi mate, I'm in contact with him on fb. He's got none in atm. So I've told him to put my name on the next one unless I find one first 😂 Thanks for the reply though 👍👍
  12. Hello matey I think Keron has a TT areotop for sale! Might be worth asking him! I got My GZ areotop off him a few years ago he's a top bloke!
  13. Brackets for the strut brace are now back from the powder coaters, will be weekend before I get chance to get them on,
  14. Evening all. My car died on me the other day after checking through the usual suspects i have narrowed the problem down to the fuel pump ecu. I have attached a pic of the ecu, after looking carefully the only thing standing out is the green block which looks to of popped/melted! Is there anyone on the forum who could repair this for me? Regards Chris.
  15. Mugello

    SRD Radiator Plate

    Hi Lee, Can you do these in the Black Friday deals? I saw the SRD Instagram post, but I couldn't see these on the website - I'm after a polished one.
  16. Might get myself a set and for the bike as there almost half price
  17. No worries, likewise usually! Looked good
  18. shaky

    Water pump

    OK did not even know because not used to this new site , was still clicking into the old site for a week wondering why it was empty until i found this new one , Cheers
  19. keron

    Water pump

    ok i have new oem pumps on shelf.... just the pump if needed...
  20. Hi all, Please find below some parts which I no longer need really. I have tried to get the prices somewhere near right 😅 GTE OEM Airbox and Top Scoop - £250 --SOLD This is what I paid, was going to modify to suit vvti but managed to get a vvti airbox instead. all clips intact and in good condition. HKS Gauge Pod for Upper Glove Box and 4 Greddy Gauges (oil, water, afr and exit temp) - £500 All gauges work fine and are not damaged just not really my thing and have a glovebox to reinstall. The afr gauge seems to move around a bit too much when cold but ok once warmed
  21. Still pop on for a look around every now an then, might get another Supra at some point. Will have to be black to go with these
  22. They are now a forum trader - https://www.mkivsupra.net/topic/246178-trader-application-tcb-performance-parts-ltd/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-3526128
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