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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi guys Does anyone have an oem power steering pulley laying around? Cheers Karl
  3. I’ve got one bud if you are still looking message me
  4. Hi and welcome to the club
  5. What issues did your gearbox have Lee?
  6. Am I to late to grab one? Completely forgot.
  7. Ooo beasttt, looks very smart
  8. Thought I’d give my build thread a little update as it’s been over 2years since I’ve posted anything. Ive treated the car to a couple of things like a nice TRD steering wheel and a new ref plate J80 TRD and some facelift head lights and some recaro seat sporting the bride rails Car is still doing well haven’t put many miles on the new engine and now ive come down with the case of too much lag syndrome So the sensible thing would be sell the T51 and buy a 6870 right ! Errrrm NO !! So instead I’ve got my self a vvti supra engine to build a 3.4 vvti engine in hopes t
  9. Hi Herb, can you use OEM fan shroud on this one? If yes, I'm interested.
  10. Thanks Lee, can see a few more in the background
  11. Just picked mine up from Paul and the attention to detail is fantastic, he’s sent me pictures through out and kept me informed on what’s going on and he is able to Aqua blast the casing for me and without asking even went as far as zinc coating all the hardware!!!!! Thank you again paul
  12. 16401-62100 is the part number, I believe it's the same cap as on loads of other Toyota's of a similar vintage (I've linked the number so you can see the other cars it's used on), so it'll be readily available from most motor factors etc.
  13. Hey man, Stevenage! I'm only in Ware - would be good to connect..

  14. Thanks guys! Got it home! Now i need to start hunting down a few parts :) Great weather to collect a supra... previous owner is a legend, really nice guy :)
  15. Hey anyone know where i can get a Stock 1.1 bar NA Rad Cap, or have the part number for one? Thanks in advance
  16. This is as bad as cars being fitted with all optional extras then subscribing to unlock them.
  17. Glad to hear it’s not for sale. Thing is, this is pretty special and rare. GZ Aero, big Diff, manual 6 speed. It ticks all the right boxes for a car of this type. Then the T04Z is lovely in a old skool way. Ability to back to stockish. I’m going 40K. What do I win?
  18. Frank Bullitt


    Couldn’t get much worse! You seem to be really getting into this, what’s your best dish? Tried a Butter Chicken yet?
  19. Dnk


    Lol, Happy New Year to you too mate, lets hope it gets better
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