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  3. Yep, listed it elsewhere at the same time today and got quite a lot of interest and people saying it is too cheap.
  4. Erm there wasn't a price 11 days ago, you've just added a price at £40k, which you've bumped upto £50k an hour later. Nice car btw.
  5. Price is £50k, can't see a reason to create another thread as all the info is here, thanks.
  6. Beautiful mate. Looks spot on.
  7. Mine currently has millers millermatic but going to go back to oem next time round
  8. Hello there!! I;m a new member here :) just joined this website :d
  9. Your welcome mate! Runs sweet and smooth
  10. That's just reminded me, I ordered some D21065/9730AC back in August and it hasn't turned up yet! Good thing you posted a follow up, thanks
  11. Thanks Rider, Wow, I think I understand the position with these condensers a lot clearer now. I may well keep the order in with Elmhurst and just hope that they get one in stock at some point. I've also a notification set up with Rock Auto just in case they get some in. £750 in 1997.......ouch!
  12. So, another small update. I decided to go to call in to the office in my Supra today, mainly because I can , but I also wanted to try and get the start point of the water-methanol injection sorted out. The injection start point was at 3 psi, so I changed it to 5 psi before I set off, as I remember trying 4 psi on while on the drive on Tuesday and the engine not being happy with that either. The 100% injection point was still set to 18 psi, so I left that were it was. Well, I can safely say that having the injection start 5 psi is where the engine is happy! No bogging, just smooth an
  13. Thank you both very much! I must say that it is a pleasure to be able to drive my Supra again and while I am fine tuning and learning, I am more than happy to share updates.
  14. They came, went, came again in May and went again. You just need to keep an eye open for if they ever come again. Those holding spares, like me, will keep hold of them or be asking good money. Toyota were knocking out the Denso condenser for £750 in 1997 when Denso were selling them via distributors for £50, So Toyota were probably buying them in for £25. Last seen, in May, these distributors were generally asking over £200 so expect to pay well up from that if they ever reappear. People, well usually me, tend to put the call out if they turn up. https://www.mkivsupra.net/topi
  15. That's really good to hear, thank you. I've just emailed them asking if they've had any stock come in recent months, if they actually do get stock come in on occasion, I might just hold on for a while.
  16. They have a good rep. Im sure they will refund it. They also deal woth daily customers as well as online orders. I wouldnt worry when it comes to them
  17. Yup, that's them. They asked me if I wanted to cancel the order. I confirmed that I did this morning and I've heard nothing since I'm considering reversing the credit card charge.
  18. Ah good ol Elmhurst Toyota. Keep ontop of them as im sure as they come in they go out
  19. I just tried a dealer in Illinois, they took the funds but then told me that they were on back-order. I've had this happen three times so far. They say they have them in stock, so I place an order, only to then get an email later on saying that they don't have any. It may be a peculiar US thing to advertise products that aren't actually on the shelves.
  20. Toyota seem to be still supplying them. Seen a few US pages that are showing them in the Toyota/ Lexus boxes
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