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  2. Screw Facebook people there moan about S14's going for 10-12k, let alone a Supra for 5 times that. You did the right thing by advertising on Autotrader. A serious buyer will find the ad and in my experience, Autotrader is where most serious buyers go to. eBay is all too easy for pot-shotters to hide behind a quick "£2k cash now" message or people to offer their cars as part ex's (usually home-based 'traders').
  3. Thanks for the kind words. They are much appreciated. I think the price is reasonable but I’ve had some comments on Facebook that weren’t too respectful so thought I’d simply explain myself to the forum as I’ve not seen many TT6s for sale for a long time and most people on the forum are able to have that conversation about price and give their reasoning which is great (unlike Facebook lol) The car really is a great example and I’m sure the first serious buyer to come see it will take it. Less of a risk than an import as it’s already here to inspect to your hearts content. I get what
  4. The import TT Auto is top of market at £30k so you should be able to find ones comfortably under that price. NA's you probably recall those at £2k, well there isn't much around for under £10k these days with most now looking at the £15k price point. So, unless you crave the NAT power then you might find the TT auto is the best way to go and it'll only go up nicely in value over then next few years whereas converted cars are a bit more of an unknown in that regard.
  5. Hi Guys I find myself back on this site after 12 years out and can’t get over the prices .i sold my mint TT 95 for £7k and would be worth about £30k now. Wow ! Anyway I am looking at affording a N/A and doing a whizbitz turbo conversion. I’ve read up the Lexus GS300 VVTI engine is the one to go for and put non vvti pistons and rods in for the extra power that is demanded on it. Obviously engine needs to come with loom and ECU. Is there anything else I need to be looking at as I have only just got into the single turbo conversion idea as a TT is now out of my price range. Thanks for any advice
  6. I don't get why you're even gingerly trying to justify the price - high or low, does anybody's opinion really matter? It's a fantastic example and looks to be mighty cherished. Converted or not, the overall standard of the car is stunning and it has a forged motor....in my book, that counts for a lot. Sit tight, it'll sell for near enough what you're asking for. You've pretty much said that £50k is what you'll take for it only snag will be now that these cars are beyond the realm of a simple unsecured bank loan of around £35k that most banks will lend via a simple online application, th
  7. Thanks mate, only doing the lenses on these as a temporary measure so they can go to the body shop for alignment of the bumper. Got some facelift ones you can work some magic on
  8. There's a few versions of the turbo. Which version is it. I think the T51r sound is incredibly desirable. Due to the legend status of the turbo. I'd also think that's contributor to the value. I'm usually a bit of a heckler when it comes to prices, but in this instance I think a fair value is worthy. Of course only ever worth what someone will pay. But definitely should warrant a few grand for these beasts.
  9. Annabella

    F1 2021

    Heh! Turn 1 was far different than what I anticipated, great race, shame the Verstappen-Ham race was spoilt though.
  10. thank you we will miss it so much 

  11. hi sent a message to you hope you got it 

  12. pm me if you thinking in selling the head on it self.
  13. Probably £500 due to its current condition. Would probably be better off selling the head separately or having the work done with oversized pistons then selling it
  14. Iv also sat and had a look at my lights and thought I would give them a freshen up as they are cloudy as hell. This is temporary as I will have some inserts put in at some point. So before
  15. You may have seen my post in the technical section yesterday about the rear bench. I wanted to paint/ powder coat the hinges. Upon further investigation after being told they are part of the seat frame I decided to strip the whole bench and get it powder coated
  16. Due to a change in plans my T51 kit will be going for sale soon. Although a few years old its basically new (done some dyno time) HKS manifold, waste gate and obviously the turbo. Just wondering what it would be worth?
  17. Make: toyota Model:supra jap import Year:1993 Facelift:no Mileage:88930 MOT remaining:2 months but will put new mot on Service history: 02 2010 major service see a photos. serviced by myself every year Car's location:huntingdon.cambridgeshire Modifications:BPU,bonnet scoop and uprated uk front breaks Good bits: bodywork all in good shape, no dents or scratches. major work carried out in 2018 including all new breaks ,callipers and discs. valve stem oil seals done,turbos sent away for r
  18. First question I would ask is. Is your car the white UK spec and still on the OE 17's with OE tyre sizes ? Is it all original or has anything suspension wise been replaced ? If its original then I would imagine several of the eccentric adjusters will be seized solid, mine were and that was a long time ago. Only way to fix these usually is to replace the whole suspension arm if you want to keep it with OE bushes. Time to see if any of the adjusters actually move
  19. I just used a cheap ebay one. Worked fine on my old exhaust. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-5-UK-Exhaust-Muffler-Baffle-Tip-Silencer-Round-Universal-Stainless-Steel-/363008445779?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  20. When I replaced all my suspension with new OEM arms, OEM bushes and also new Bilstein shocks finished up with new wheel bearings I think I could say its riding like a new car would (except maybe for the coil springs which are still the original ones) and the ride became a lot smoother and quieter over rippled surface dressed roads than it was before the entire 100k mile setup was renewed. Comparing the new to old parts though the only differences I could physically discern was with the two rear diff bushes that appeared to be quite a bit softer than their new replacements. Its probably n
  21. Last week
  22. I think the way the markets going, £50/55k is not out the question. Desirable colour, hang tight you may just get an overseas buyer.
  23. It is pristine, good luck with the sale, you may just get it.
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