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  1. There's a few versions of the turbo. Which version is it. I think the T51r sound is incredibly desirable. Due to the legend status of the turbo. I'd also think that's contributor to the value. I'm usually a bit of a heckler when it comes to prices, but in this instance I think a fair value is worthy. Of course only ever worth what someone will pay. But definitely should warrant a few grand for these beasts.
  2. The SSI manifold does look like a nice bit of kit. Looking forward to see how the manifold looks.
  3. I've a twin plate ap clutch. Don't do it. It's naff. Rattles and just generally rough to drive. I'd like to go single plate. Whifbitz does a nice selection. I was going to go single plate with the 700 next jump. Sure I found a few clutches from Paul suitable for close'ish torque values.
  4. Struggling with a GPS module. Any Arduino gurus or hobby people out there at all please? Using the Grove GPS module. Not picking up any satellites. Though finding some with times on with some coded examples.
  5. If its the same side going wrong, you could have a bad earth or a wiring problem. HID are actually illegal anyway for our cars. Because they blind people. You can try and change the ballast, with new bulb and see if that fixes it. If it doesn't, you are likely suffering a wiring issue and should review your wire condition, grounding points and they may not look as `cool` but I'd ditch the HID myself. More hassle than its worth. And, it blinds people.
  6. Aim for 400hp. 500hp risks the transmission as mentioned and can second the fact cams aren't needed for anything under 700hp. Get a 56 or 58mm turbo. You can leave stock compression then (no head gasket needed). Srd sell a low cost standalone. A nice route to take. Whifbitz do a coil conversion and 4 inch intakes. I'd use the search function and then put together a proposed spec of what you think you're missing.
  7. Yours was actually the one I wasn't including lol Sorry. Don't be sad. I couldn't deal with that outcome.
  8. I've got a bad boy Clifford 650. Windows close when I alarm it and even had some other options. Never had any issues. Even has an output wire triggering when the alarm goes off. Always wanted to make a GPRS module with warning alert to sms my phone when it's it's trigger. Probably overkill lol... but I like stuff like that.
  9. Thanks for a sensible answer! Was beginning to think I wouldn't get one.
  10. I've got a battery cut off switch. Only thing that's powered then is the alarm. Could disconnected the fuel pump just a plug under the tank guard in the boot. Be worth getting a more advance alarm. I've got a proximity alarm and a movement alarm on mine. Kicking a wheel sets it off.
  11. What's the switch for next to the gear shifter?
  12. Car's looking great!
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