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  1. Setup looks nice there. But you don't need to relocate fuse box for most of the after market manifolds. I was only aware the GE engine only suited the mk3 IACV. Is your's auto?
  2. Noz


    Do people your age even need insurance
  3. Whifbitz, SRD and Chris Wilson are forum favourites for engine builds. Putting together the engine is fairly straight forward. But when encountering a problem experience is needed. If you want the challenge do your research and give it ago. But if you want peace of mind it's worth paying someone.
  4. Noz


    Another vote for Reis.
  5. Are the 16 inch and 17 inch running the same centers?
  6. How did you approach the value convo. Just upped the price and they agreed?
  7. What's plans for it mate. Service and prep for race reason? What hp mods.
  8. Understood buddy. Just saying at the time of purchase. A same side cooler was way more than my little NA ass could afford vs the ebay kits.
  9. Only when I'm lonely missing your warmth
  10. Its totally worth it if it saves money. People buy an NA because they don't have much compared to TT owners typically. I paid £160 for a full kit. At the time the cooler I would have needed was more than that without piping clamps or joiners.
  11. Don't you usually quote Wikipedia for technical advice
  12. Not true bro. You just need to loop round underneath with piping. I've had two intercooler setups with OEM na intake. Op. There is no benefit using a TT intake. As mentioned you'd need to weld the runners as head spacing is different NA vs TT. It's actually the NA throttle body that's the bottle neck in the oem setup. Plenty of low cost FFIM for the NA but due to flow it's worth getting something decent. It's not needed and more money than it's worth. Below 500hp it's just aesthetics and not a worthy investment. It's also mega hassle.
  13. And comes with a warranty. Full kit shipped including clutch is similar to a v160 box on its own. Shifts way smoother too, watched a torque comparison on the shifter. The cast bellhousing reduces cost and better sound insulation.
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