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  1. No crank signals pal. Just cam signal.
  2. Surprised you bought a 7mgte cps. I didnt need it for my cop setup. Just installed a dizzy cap and job done.
  3. Noz

    E85 ratio

    Great reply Mike, thanks for taking the time to go over it. I'm shocked at the 1000cc 600whp. Bet the dyno curve looks great though. Also surprised the 450 wax maxed. I suppose knowing ratio's I'm putting in the tank just means I'm consistent. Have you ever used a water/meth setup with E85 as well? Does E85 ever impact the o rings around the injectors at all. As never seen anyone say they aren't usually upto the job.
  4. Noz

    E85 ratio

    Hi guys I've searched but can't find much. What ratio do you guys put in the fuel tank please? I cant find much in Google either to be fair. What kind of blend are you looking for ideally.
  5. Would the shop prefer to take their own measurements?
  6. Noz

    Project Pesto

    Think I prefer it oem lol green lol
  7. Whifbitz do a coil kit that fits the GE intake. Sorry hijack thread. Lovely kit for the price. Especially with mounting bracket.
  8. Super awesome youve bought one that needs work. Thats actually so very cool.
  9. What exhaust housing is the 6870. Sorry just curious mate. Real epic build you have there.
  10. Amazing build. Sorry to see you're selling. What power was it running?
  11. What did it dyno with the 264s added?
  12. Always doing odds and sods mate. But its more for friends than a business these days. I stopped it as a business. So just helping people out these days. Still scraps to sell. Will have to arrange something when mines done. Including the South West lot. As I've yet to take mine to anything local. Only for weekend trips is how it should be!
  13. But I can see the black trumpet there mate? If you had a tiny trumpet it would fit. Removing that black trumpet and replacing with one that had the same diameter just an elbow would fit. You would just need to remove the black trumpet. It would need to be a cnc job, and be in a few pieces of course.
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