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  1. @Chris Wilsonsorry to be a pest but did you manage to get a quote for the OS Giken twin plate and movement reversal?
  2. Car is looking absolutely awesome, what a journey! Absolutely loving the engine bay now too, quite a transformation from your BPU days. Thanks for the clutch recommendations too @Luxluc just out of interest do you think the RPS Max would be ok with my current 460bhp/460ft lbs to the wheels?
  3. Wild stab in the dark here, just seeing if anyone's selling a lightly used OSGiken twin/triple plate clutch with clutch movement reversal kit (and the OSGiken flywheel included also) for the V160? Going to be needing one very soon and might have to resort to US import if Chris Wilson can't get one. Simon
  4. Thanks for the recommendations, guys. I will see if Chris can source the OS Giken twin plate but if not I'll have a look down the RPS twin plate route!
  5. I'd try Paul at TCB Performance Parts if you haven't already. If you want to go direct, Steve Manley at Inchape Toyota Oxford.
  6. Thanks very much Chris, greatly appreciated. I will ping you an email early next week to see how you got on
  7. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. I had a feeling your kits wouldn’t be happy with my current or future torque values. Are you able to source the OS Giken twin plate? If not would you be happy to fit if I managed to source it?
  8. I’m after decent clutch recommendations! Spec 2+ currently and new oem flywheel, upgraded to 3/4” land cruiser master clutch cylinder but I’ve still got the slightest clutch drag (shifting into first and reverse after driving for a bit can become quite frustrating) so I’ve had enough and just want to swap out the Spec 2+. Not fussed about cost, I want a quality clutch kit but not overkill (performance figs below). Shifter bushes changed also to rule them out and have bled the stock clutch hydraulics several times along with the new land cruiser master so now I think it’s the clutch geomet
  9. Has anyone upgraded their clutch master cylinder to a 3/4" bore using the land cruiser clutch master cylinder? The part number I have noted for the above is 31410-60372 (attached a pic below) I have the slightest clutch drag so I'm not disengaging properly with a Spec 2+ clutch. When warm it gets quite difficult to engage reverse. No crunching at all just difficult to engage. I have replaced both the master and slave with brand new OEM with a braided line and bench bled etc. and I'm still having issues. I have also replaced gear selector bushes with solid bushings and transmission mo
  10. Completely agree regarding the 3.0 diesel V6, plagued with problems, not to mention the crankshaft snapping randomly! Wouldn't touch one with a barge pole... Looking on AT now
  11. I was completely unaware that the 2.2 in these was a ford engine with a cam belt. I think in Sportbrake form this is my next daily driver- nice one!
  12. Looks awesome mate, enjoying the updates, really cleaned up nicely with the paintless dent removal those guys are magicians! May I ask where you got the front splitter from? Been trying to find one like this for ages...
  13. Hey man, Stevenage! I'm only in Ware - would be good to connect..

    1. Simo2007


      Hey dude only just seen this! Drop me a PM!

  14. Hey Dude! Another Herts recruit good to see! I’m based in Stevenage. Have you still got the RX7 or you switching? Lots of very knowledgeable and friendly people around here, I’ve recently completed a DIY single turbo conversion too so I know the odd bit and bob!
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