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  1. Hey Dude! Another Herts recruit good to see! I’m based in Stevenage. Have you still got the RX7 or you switching? Lots of very knowledgeable and friendly people around here, I’ve recently completed a DIY single turbo conversion too so I know the odd bit and bob!
  2. Just read this entire thread over the past couple days mate, absolutely fantastic. Really enjoyed it. Keep up the excellent work!
  3. I've been considering Lexus' for some time now, the answer here could well be the ISF if you're not too fussed about fuel consumption. Although they are capable of 35mpg on a gentle run. Really fancy something hybrid but I can't help but realise that the cost of a nice IS (Premier spec, fairly modern) is the same cost as a well sorted low mileage ISF. Incredibly detailed reply. I was under the impression the pre-DPF 2.1 diesels (i.e. none blue efficiency if I remember it correctly) were the bombproof ones with chains at the front and were duplex. I guess if anything was wrong with the
  4. Please listen to this gentleman. At absolute minimum get Simon or James to look at it for you like suggested in bold! Also, I am a Brummie so I resonate with this
  5. Following this thread closely as I want a bit more practicality and luxuries from my next daily as my current one is a 202k mile 306HDi. Rider I’m intrigued on the C220 guess it would make it a 2013 model? Even though the chain is now on the back of these engines they seem a hell of a lot more durable than the same design of BMW engines (N47, B47). Was keeping an eye on the W204 pre 2010 ish on the ones without DPF as they seem to go forever but a bit dated (inside at least) now.
  6. Indeed, at least not with the engine still in the car at least! Thanks for your kind words. Thanks for checking my thread out. If you’re tempted I would fully recommend it. I learned a lot! I chose 0.81AR as it was firstly an undivided housing which matched the PHR log manifold, and secondly it is slightly quicker spooling compared to the 1.0AR. In the future I may switch to the 6466 Gen 2 once I’ve got used to the power I have currently, but I suspect just dropping the 264 cams in with my current setup will push me past 500whp easily.
  7. I'm sure I've seen some videos of your old white Supra, looking forward to following this
  8. Thanks for your kind words Pudsey, really was a dream for me to do this work myself, the only thing left on the list is to complete an engine build myself then my bucket list is complete (spanner turning wise). I really don't think it's changed a lot normal drivability wise- it just scares me a lot more on full chatter now! I know when on the original twins I felt the small turbo spooling from 1500rpm onwards or thereabout and obviously you get the thump at 4000rpm from the second turbo, that surge seems to come on from 3000rpm and a hell of a lot stronger with the single. The 6266 is con
  9. Blimey I've really not updated this much have I?! In a nutshell, it is done. Just want to do a few dress up bits in the future and then attack the suspension components for a refresh. Leading on from the last update, Managed to get everything reinstalled, coolant topped up etc and this was how she was looking Here's the S7i going in Couple of minor issues along the way, I snapped the coolant temp sensor at some point, so I replaced both of them in there whilst I could Had some starting issues, engine cranked fine but wouldn't fire. Having worked on fu
  10. Still looking for one of these if anyone has one
  11. Please pm me with details
  12. After a pre-vvti upper water neck if anyones got one knocking about? Part No. 16331-46050 I know the vvti ones are still available (16331-46080) but not sure if they're interchangeable if anyone can advise?
  13. Thanks for your kind words! Where are you based roughly? Would be nice to have a local Supra buddy after the madness calms down
  14. Wonder if the stars will align for the 4th December?!
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