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  1. wile e coyote


    A tour around wales starting Saturday morning and finishing at mollies dinner sat night
  2. wile e coyote

    Love this

    Can’t beat pop up lights lol
  3. First check battery clamps are tight and good also the plugs onto the coil packs can degrade and are known to give this fault, can get replacements from Srd
  4. Hard to say as coming from different areas between 7 and 8 prob a good shout
  5. Cool fuzz and Tim good series
  6. Looks like we got 18 cars booked so far so looking like a great turn out still places left so get booked up
  7. Good numbers so far keep them coming guys
  8. Sprint I felt was a waste of time as they didn’t want to risk there place and damaging the car for sunday just look what happened to Perez’s ,felt was a money maker to get more people for all 3days I was cheering on lando and Russel , the atmosfear was electric when ever they passed looking forward to Hungary before summer break hamilton and max just brings back memory’s of senna and Prost battles
  9. I’ve seen burnas early riser still haunts me today
  10. The Friday night is more of a stop off for those coming far for the early start on sat the place we are looking at looks cool for Saturday but we need to finalise a few things
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