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  1. 13 years here longest I’ve ever owned a car lol
  2. Yep robs car is amazing and worth everything he is asking
  3. Nice to see your getting somewhere
  4. Wow Can't remember exactly when I joined as its all a blur especially nights out with pig and burna in the dragonballs Jae was always fun with dave behind the bar and Tom with his megaphone Was loads of plans for this year but hay let's do bigger and better next year
  5. Think he ment cut and splice the replacements
  6. Well not done much more to the truck as been busy and unfortunately my uncle passed away also beginning of January. he was well into his jets and since 2008 being having a Jaguar jet restored. it was completed last year and he was able to see it do an afterburner run and is the only running one in the world so a great legacy to leave. it is at bentwaters Cold War museum so now I have another model to build
  7. France Maybe Because Of The Dragonball Runs We Have Done Which Hopefully will Get To Do Again
  8. That is going to sound emense Make sure you post up a video of it running
  9. Yep was about to mention what pudsey surgested glad all sorted and cheap fix apart from the new battery
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