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  1. Here's a diagnosis chart from the Supra TSRM which might help narrow down problem areas. I'd start with cleaning the IACV since that's easy.
  2. Did these ever get made? I just thought of this thread while polishing my candle lanterns.
  3. Well, it's not like you can make it any worse by learning to weld on it.
  4. That's me, I was visiting family in Dorset over the weekend. You must have been quite far away if it appeared to be gleaming YLZ 3884
  5. mc92

    Nissan Z

    The front grille looks a bit goofy, but otherwise a nice looking car. You can definitely tell it was based on the 240z and it looks a lot better than the 350/370. I still haven't seen a MK5 in real life yet, maybe it looks better there than in pictures.
  6. "requires the plate to be fixed— (a)vertically or, where that is not reasonably practicable, in a position as close to the vertical as is reasonably practicable," https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2001/561/regulation/6/made Maybe, maybe not, considering OEM plate holders are naturally vertically mounted. As is typical with most laws it comes down to vague wording so they can get you if they feel like it.
  7. I was under the impression that these aren't technically legal so you might get a talking to if you run into a particularly petty policeman.
  8. Potentially stupid question, I replaced the trims between the glass and the top of the door and whenever I roll my windows up it pulls them up by about 1mm and I have to push them down to snap back in. I'm fairly sure I adjusted all the plastic tabs on the back of them properly to go into the holes. It's like they need to be tighter onto the metal of the door. What am I missing here?
  9. mc92


    That's not pretty.
  10. mc92


    100 a side isn't bad, I think I paid 300 for both sides.
  11. mc92


    I think they will still fail you for the corrosion regardless of what you do. Sill corrosion can be put down as suspension mount prescribed area as well, if it's within 30cm. The best bet is to get it welded before it gets any worse. The O2 sensor should be easy to fix, you may need to remove the exhaust manifold heat shield but both should be visible by just opening the bonnet.
  12. I figured they were rare so nobody would have them for sale anyway I'll post an ad if they don't come back into stock within a few months, I've got brand new hockeysticks to put on so might as well try to get new mudguards to match.
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