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  1. Is it though? I’ve seen a NA-T go for £35k without even being advertised recently!
  2. I sent him the history, specs (completely stock TT6) and all the specific pictures that he requested. Though, his initial preference was to inspect the car in person, he appreciated the distance between us, and made adjustments in that regard.
  3. No worries bud! Jurgen sent me an official document setting out his valuation and the rationale behind it. Didn’t cost the world either! So, well worth a shot IMO.
  4. Oh hell yeah! The Gran Turismo nostalgia will be strong with that one!
  5. In support of it. They said I should either send them a few examples of similar cars for sale (there were none) or obtain an expert valuation. I obviously opted for the latter which cost me next to nothing and they were very quick to accept it!
  6. That’s nuts. Reis Motorsport Insurance all day every day. @Nozsuggested them last year (thanks bud!) and I made the switch. Haven’t looked back since. Friendly customer service, £50k valuation on my stock TT6 and unbeatable quotes! Can’t go wrong.
  7. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh, despite all the blind criticism it has received!
  8. Ahh, that explains it! I didn’t realise the stock ECU wiring runs so close to the wheel arch and I’m on my fifth Supra, Ha! Is it just behind the arch liner or something?
  9. Last year, my stock white TT6 was agreed at £50k by Reis after I had it valued by JM.
  10. Were these parts not under warranty? Look forward to being allowed out this year, maybe, hopefully!
  11. No idea how he does it to be honest. Presumably he somehow tricks (or programs) the cluster in to thinking it’s a US cluster? The speedo is literally accurate to within 2 MPH! Stu has been around for decades. He has always been the go-to guy in the States for these sort of customisations. He also has the most powerful stock twin turbo car in the world (circa 700bhp!) - the turbos are obviously hybrids of some description.
  12. Yeah, no worries... Including shipping there and back, it worked out just shy of $1,500. Breakdown below: Custom face set $250 S2 LED Upgrade incl Speedo Conversion $495 HVAC LED Upgrade $385 incl New OEM Buttons Lit HVAC Supra Logo $60 Shift Light $195 DM me if you want his contact details.
  13. No, the ODO will continue to count in KMs which doesn’t really bother me as all my MOTs are recorded in KMs anyway... You’re speaking in tongue now mate. You’re welcome to have a look at it when it arrives!
  14. I forgot to mention, the entire cluster was also recalibrated to Toyota spec and the speedo now reads in mph, without the need for a speed converter!
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