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  1. Interesting trial, would be great to see this kit working. Definitely interested. Just bought a used UK set that's close to as new condition. Wanting to split them, as I so desperately want to respray the chrome inserts 'black'. What would you recommend @Noz? Thanks
  2. My first UK Spec Supra Auto has been running all stock Turbos from new & was on 173kmiles before I sold & exported to America. I've been in contact with the new owner & he's still running the stock twin turbo set up. He's planning to go single at some point.
  3. Okay, so I wasn't expecting to buy another Supra so soon, especially another Aerotop But the opportunity to buy @scott.wild 'The Worlds First DCT Supra' was too good of an opportunity to turn down. Similar to my last purchase (RSP Aerotop) the process of buying this Supra was purely an impulsive buy & one that has left my head spinning even more then I could have possibly imagined. Would like to say a massive thanks to @scott.wild for not only sticking to his word by giving me first refusal - As people were literally queuing up to buy this car & even some people ove
  4. Firstly I'd like to say a massive thanks to @scott.wild for not only sticking to his word by giving me first refusal - As people were literally queuing up to buy this car & even some people over bidding, yet Scott stuck to his word & didn't even take a deposit despite me insisting on leaving a deposit. This car is literally amazing in so many ways & has honestly left me & family/mates speechless! Sticks to the ground so good, with minor correction needed (Just to remind you it's a Supra) and puts the power down beautifully. Whifbitz have clearly built a monster &
  5. Congratulations, looks like a tidy example.
  6. After a pair of OEM Plastic JDM Side Skirts for my Facelift Supra (Like the White one in the pic) Can give you my stock Supra Side Skirts in exchange off my Blue Aerotop.
  7. I spoke to the owner of the White Supra on eBay. That Supra has no service history, no paperwork, been off the road for 10 years. And was originally Red untill it had a full respray in White. Apparently he's already been offered 30k.
  8. That's something out of Space
  9. I would normally agree with this. However, I've noticed a massive increase in prices (In the last 8 months) across all JDM cars - Most notably R34 Skylines. Are they actually worth the crazy figures you see them on for? Definitely not, especially in the case of the R34. I have an R34 & ended up paying twice the amount for what I sold it for less then 2 years ago (For the very same car) . I wanted to keep one before they go even crazier in price. And so It’s only normal for N/A Supra to come close to £20k. An R34 GTT just sold for 28k & yes people do get carried
  10. Very expensive, especially being an Auto. Granted it's got low miles but then no real paperwork to support it so that mileage could be anything. As @rider has mentioned I would check the V5 & see dates of when it was first acquired etc. I'd personally hold out for a Supra with more paperwork & history. If it was £20k then it's worth taking a punt. But at that asking price your ideal Supra should come along, just have to be a bit more patient. People can make up anything these days, anything could have happened in them 20 years.
  11. Amazing transformation in such a short period of time. Lovely stuff
  12. Wow prices have definitely quadrupled. I remember selling my active spoiler in 2016 for £200 complete with ECU.
  13. The way the markets going, this cars got to be minimum 50k
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