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  1. Spec Stage 3+ drives like oem. Nicest driving clutch Ive ever used with R154
  2. Full set of wheel arches and bumper undertrays, bumper foams etc will all help keep the front rigid. Flaps in the wind otherwise and will deform over time. Digging the new look
  3. That was me and https://www.instagram.com/supra.sam/ He's not on the forum, but we were headed to airstrip in york for some half mile testing. Sadly got rained out
  4. The send it maps in e85 will normally target 2.5bar or so, even though we expect it to drop by redline. It will still make more power and torque this way compared to just targetting 2.0bar which would be more in the efficiency of the turbo.
  5. Those rota's are a massive improvement imo, looks great now. @NozThe turbo itsef can be run at much higher boost than 1.5bar. Had a few cars running 2.5 or more now. However depending on how high you rev the engine, eventually the turbo will run out of puff and lose efficiency, so whilst you could for instance make 2.5 bar at 4500rpm, by 8500rpm the boost will drop down to say 2.0 bar. With pump fuel typically won't go much higher than 1.8 bar as you will experience det, so the really big boost stuff is reserved for ethanol where you can get away with it.
  6. I've got one spare block that I can sell. Already cross drilled it for oil feed
  7. They need to hurry up and bring e85 already, e10 is booooring.
  8. Typically sensor manufacturer will publish something like this for the resistance of the sensor. This is for a standard bosch temp sensor The same sensor is expressed in volts like so: If you don't have a datasheet to get values from then you will need to test sensor manually by heating it up using hot air / liquid, using a thermometer to gauge temperature. Whilst doing this you can measure volts or resistance on the sensor and making note of the values as you increase/decrease temperature through the range.
  9. Most IAT’s I’ve used are all 5v sensors that require a 1k pull-up resistor wired inline or built into ECU to read signal properly. I don’t often look at the data sheets with regards to the resistance of the sensor as most ecus I use read and display temperature based on volts. got any examples of what you have been looking at?
  10. Recently bought two 2JZGE VVTi's for an upcoming project and don't need the cranks from either. Unsure on mileage as I bought engine from breakers yard, but both are in very good condition and presumably had an easy life being mated to an automatic GS300. Have included photos of the bearings that were pulled with each crank so you can see wear and tear or lack or. Have given each crank a quick clean for the photos, but before install I'd recomend a proper clean and maybe a polish. Cranks are STD size and unmolested. Will leave listing on the forum for a bit before
  11. Get an ETS for best performance
  12. Those are garbage, you will struggle with IAT’s with that.
  13. Mike2JZ

    SRD Radiator Plate

    We normally have a few in stock at any given time. Best way to check is to email [email protected]
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