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  1. I wouldn't remove the rear heater hose just to change the valve covers gaskets, perfectly do-able with them still installed. However, I would say that once the valve covers are off that would be a great time to change the rear heater hose at the back of the head. Have seen a few of those rear hoses get hairline fractures and it's a real pain to change when valve covers stop you getting most tools where needed. When removing your cam cover washers & bolts you will notice that the washers will get stuck on the 4 studs that are on each corner of the the spark plug wells. Do not tr
  2. hey welcome, get some photos up of your progress, nice to see an unique engine build
  3. Mike2JZ

    E85 ratio

    There are ways to make 1000cc injector do a bit more than 600whp, but its never as good as just uprating the fuel system. But yes the power delivery and curve is far superior to 600whp on pump fuel, cleaner power with more area under the curve, just quoting the peak power doesn't do it justice. Take results with a slight pinch of salt, but I've found this calculator accurate within 100hp. HP Calculator (fuelinjectorclinic.com) I done a bit of tuning on my own car with water meth whilst doing e85 and didn't really notice anything worthwhile. Using just ethanol I was already able to m
  4. Mike2JZ

    2jz gte swap

    A quick ebay search shows 2JZGTE aristo motors going for £4500-5250 currently. Rear sump prices are a bit crazy, one on ebay going for £650 lol. You can still buy them new for toyota less than that if you really need one. If you have a GE, and putting in a GTE from an aristo then I'd say its silly not to use the GE as a donor. You will need rear sump setup, engine mounts, AC compressor & a few other bits. If you don't have those parts already then you will easily spend a grand trying to buy those parts. Someone will still buy a GE even if it's been stripped off some of it
  5. Mike2JZ

    E85 ratio

    Depends. From ethanol pumps in Europe I've seen a blend of about 70-80%, even though it's advertised as e85. I have seen similar ratio's from VP & Renegade e85 fuels. It probably is closer to 85% in the real world, but very hard to have a completely drained tank with no petrol content before you add your E85 to the mix. If e85 isn't enough then you can purchase E98/E100 blends from race fuel companies, or just use pure ethanol but be wary of the lack of lubrication as this can destroy fuel systems. That said, typically by the time you at E60-E70 you are getting the vast majorit
  6. Mike2JZ

    2jz gte swap

    I mean you won't have to buy a new gearbox, so will save yourself 4-5k. You will still be around the 10k mark by the time you buy a GTE swap, then BPU it to give you 420bhp. You could probably do a cheap NA-T build, but then you will end up replacing most things so ends up costing more in the long run.
  7. Mike2JZ

    2jz gte swap

    Budget 10k for a decent NA-T setup that will have all the hardware you need for 400-700hp that isn't using Chinese shit. Budget 4-5k for a decent transmission, propshaft & clutch. Excluding V160, unless you get lucky and find a cheap one. Budget 0.5-2k for a stock or aftermarket diff with correct ratio & LSD internals for whatever gearbox you run. It's a bit sad, but even these days starting with a Aristo VVTi engine and you won't be far off spending 10k doing a proper GTE swap unless you get some good deals along the way. Just for reference, recently at SRD we
  8. First, you will need some two wire shielded cable. Very important that these wires are shielded so the knock sensor signal does not get any sort of interference from other electronics. https://prowireusa.com/c-58-shielded-tefzel-cable.aspx 24 or 22AWG wire will be fine. Get around 4 meters so you have more than you need and you can cut the required length for each sensor. From toyota or the internet, grab two of these adapter studs. This will allow you to screw a stud into both knock sensor ports on the side of the 2JZ, then you can install your knock sensor to that stud. Tig
  9. Cool good decision, end result will be nicer for sure. There are a few members here with threads on how they wired up their ECUMasters if you want some inspiration / tips on what to do. Yes I do, and yes I can tune it. If you have any questions regarding wiring, sensors etc etc then feel free to shoot me a message and I can go through some of the details.
  10. 50K+ region at least. Couldn't get anyone to build this from scratch for less, definitely one of a kind in the UK.
  11. If you are happy to use greddy emanage then it will work like you suggested. However the implementation is a bit messy, so there will be some issues that you may run into along the way. Wrong ecu for the engine, heavily modified engine setup + trying to patch it together using oldschool controller which will "fight" against the stock ECU at times. My advice would be to try and keep it simple to save yourself on unneeded ballache. But if you are looking for a good learning experience then you can always go ahead with it and see how it goes. Any standalone you can buy these days is m
  12. Couple of things for you to keep in mind: a) 550cc top feed injectors won't work with a GTE ECU, in the sense that the mapping for the fueling will be all wrong, as the ECU is designed to work with 440's. The UK spec 550's are low impedance and side feed, so again won't work for you without using some sort of electronics to modify how the fuel is being delivered. You easiest bet to make this work hassle free is to use the OEM 440's, but then you will need to figure out how to use sidefeed injectors with your setup. I've seen a man on the internet use RB26 440's that are top feed, but can'
  13. Jspec GTE ECU will require the use of high impedance injectors. UK spec GTE ecu will use low impedence injectors & a resistor pack.
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