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  1. Nope, it should be available to club members too.
  2. It is changeable, but we no longer live in a time where we can store information forever on the off chance we might need it one day.
  3. Not India or Brazil. The top country visiting our site is.... France.
  4. Not China or Russia, although Russia is #3 in the top 5 threat countries with 178 attempted attacks.
  5. USA is #2, which is possibly VPN skewed as suggested. Netherlands is #4, UAE isn't in the top 5.
  6. Just looking at the server stats for Dec/20 and was surprised to see that UK traffic to this site is 3rd in the top list. So any guesses what countries were in #1 and #2 spots?
  7. He's been anti-vaccination for years - https://www.insider.com/anti-vaccine-doctors-medical-license-free-speech-2019-5 I'd suggest people consider his opinions to be extremely biased.
  8. The search changes have been completed.
  9. There's no separate sent and received. It's more like a social messaging app now instead of an email style system. So in your inbox will be all the conversions (PMs) you've had with people. You can use the search to find things in there. (which might not be fully functioning yet as I'm rebuilding search indexes)
  10. There are some issues with the search which I'm trying to resolve. This will mean search results will be limited for most of today.
  11. The script has finally finished running. It updated thousands of posts and correct hundreds of urls to point to the new site. Hopefully that will make things look better. I also had to take the site online for bit today whilst I patched a problem that was preventing some PayPal subscriptions from working. Fingers crossed that should behave itself now.
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