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  1. The search changes have been completed.
  2. There's no separate sent and received. It's more like a social messaging app now instead of an email style system. So in your inbox will be all the conversions (PMs) you've had with people. You can use the search to find things in there. (which might not be fully functioning yet as I'm rebuilding search indexes)
  3. There are some issues with the search which I'm trying to resolve. This will mean search results will be limited for most of today.
  4. The script has finally finished running. It updated thousands of posts and correct hundreds of urls to point to the new site. Hopefully that will make things look better. I also had to take the site online for bit today whilst I patched a problem that was preventing some PayPal subscriptions from working. Fingers crossed that should behave itself now.
  5. Hi and welcome. You should be able to post in the wanted section now.
  6. If you click on a username to see their profile, it shows when they joined.
  7. And so today is the day that I turn off the old forum. What we have here now, whether you like it or hate it, is what we're sticking with.
  8. That's correct, they don't have a traders thread to link to yet.
  9. THIS IS BETA AND MIGHT NOT WORK PROPERLY, OR AT ALL, BUT... You can now access the site using a native app for iOS and Android. Hopefully a proper release will be available soon but if you're happy trying beta apps then give it a go.
  10. avatars will have to stay as is for now. I've spent the morning writing a script to fix the broken images. I've done a few tests and it seems to work. I'll be taking a db backup and then set it running. The site can remain online whilst it works. If it goes proper tits up i'll have to restore but fingers crossed it'll be fine.
  11. You almost had it. Old bbcodes (like [url ]) aren't used anymore. Just needed to click the insert link button and add the url and text, then it does it all for you.
  12. John hates* it - he wanted discourse but he lost the vote. He tried demanding a recount but we rejected that too. Once the converted images are sorted I might relax. Well relax in the sense of now catching up with real work that I've been ignoring in order to get the upgrade over the line. But I'm not sure what I'll do next. My Supra has been sat in a barn for 7 years now and I need to decide if I drag it out and bring it back into life or whether I sell it so someone else can enjoy it. My son (at the grand old age of 3) tells me he wants to fix it up. Bless. By the time he can drive
  13. I've got to address some embedded images which got converted as just urls. That's an easy search and replace but has some risk, so I'm needing to test things first.
  14. I couldn't resist it any longer. I've made my first customisation. Signatures are now clipped if over 100px in height, just like on the old forum.
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