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  1. Looking like a mega job, kudos to you.
  2. Hi you need to put a price up.
  3. Hi there, you need to put a fixed price on the for sale advert and pictures too.
  4. I used LV Classic Car, as above I needed to provide 6 pics = front, back, sides (not a hair cut) interior and engine bay. I stated what I wanted as agreed value and they went away and agreed. It was very simple.
  5. Think Luc thinks your refering to the trailer??
  6. You shouldn't have a problem getting that money, GLWS.
  7. Mine was sorn'd from October, spent a week sorting stuff and MOT'ed again today. It's there if you want to do it.
  8. Annabella

    MK4 tt

    Hi and welcome. Have a search through the forum and see what others have said previously. The detail about the car you've given doesn't give enough for people to give an idea. Does it run etc. Post up some pics. Is it a sale price you're after or for insurance valuation, there are threads currently about this.
  9. Glad @Lbm you got £14k, more than the £6k being bandied. Just got agreed value with LV Classic Car for £16k, 6 photos, job done. Premium up from £173 to £286. NA Auto, 62000 Miles.
  10. Excellent journey! Hope it's a good summer!
  11. I sense a for sale post soon
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