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  1. Try and have a good Christmas all , and hopefully the New Year will bring better times, eventually!
  2. See if SupraStar3000 would like a boot release as a paper weight on his desk.
  3. Boris has given the go ahead for a nuclear fusion plant in the UK, and the bidding has begun. One of those off peak can split hydrogen from H2O with the excess energy created.
  4. Just leave the na auto in 2nd on the twisties and it's usually in the correct power range/engine braking into corners without trying to spit you out on exit.
  5. Maybe a grounding wire has popped off, if you search on here that can cause a none start.
  6. Battery, or at least check the battery connections, as had to refit the positive terminal on my mazda yesterday as was hanging off slightly and not starting. Fine after refitting correctly. But four years is a while for a battery.
  7. Fabulous performance from George. Made Bottas look average, again him making the mistakes, which backed up Verstappen into the melee at turn 4. Such a shame for George, but hopefully he made a slip up on the comms when he possibly indicated he'll have more opportunities with Merc!
  8. Less than a tenth behind in quali, not a bad job for Mr Russell, hope he aces the start.
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