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  1. Cool read, you're having some fun! Sounded good when started
  2. Hi there, not sure an SZ is worth 25-30k as above, had mine agreed value SZ Auto at £16k recently 68000 Miles, with LV Classic if that helps, unless it's a 6 speed.
  3. Wonder if you can get Supra printed bog roll
  4. Still gaining traction, but not even making an appearance on mainstream news
  5. Annabella

    F1 2021

    heh yeah watched that, Rosberg has quite a dry wit!
  6. Annabella

    F1 2021

    They won't want to pee off Russell, as he's the future of the Merc team really, I guess it will always be Lewis's team but think they'll let them go at it, but also depends on the regulation changes making Merc car good or not......
  7. Annabella

    F1 2021

    Here's confirmation of Bottas going to Alfa Romeo, wonder who is taking his seat? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/58457384
  8. Annabella

    F1 2021

    Close one for qualifying! Hope there's a possibility of overtaking on the main straight and maybe a low line round turn 3, but probably a crash would ensue on exit!
  9. That can mean that if your wearing your seatbelt it's an additional safety mechanism, and also if you're not you'll slap straight into an inflating airbag. See what Keron says, as the diagram above doesn't show the SRS linked to the seatbelts.
  10. Annabella

    F1 2021

    Brits would have done the same at Silverstone if it were Max. On another note looks a great track to drive with the banking, particularly turn 3 and turn 12.
  11. You haven't wasted our time, you've gone through the process methodically and haven't lost your cash!
  12. Good stuff, I think, until you regret it as above what are you doing with the money for next project/toy?
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