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  1. The height is a percentage of the width. So 35% of the wider rears would roughly equal 40% of the narrower fronts.
  2. Chris is usually plenty busy enough.
  3. I don't know if you'd noticed, but you forgot to build the roof. Also, the door appears to open into a hedge.
  4. Thorin

    The MkV

    Nope, but it was £2k cheaper than the next cheapest on autotrader at the time, so a bargain I couldn't pass up. Significantly older and cheaper than what they usually sell, they'd just got it on a trade in when I saw it. It's done just over 50k now and I can't get enough of it. Revving out that V8 just never gets old, and it just grips and goes.
  5. Thorin

    The MkV

    Been driving an E92 M3 for the past couple of years and absolutely love it. Paid £14k for it with 36k miles, prices seem like they're on the up!
  6. Thorin

    The MkV

    "I've nothing against BMW" "It's not a Toyota" etc. etc. blah blah blah. Manufacturers have been sharing parts/whole chassis etc. between makes for decades. Who the hell cares? It's got a Toyota badge on it, it's a bloody Toyota! If money was no object, yeah I'd still have a MKIV. But would I personally pay current MKIV prices? Hell no, just not worth it to me personally, many other cars I'd rather try for that money, the new MKV included.
  7. You've had it 21 years and haven't learnt that the Jap turbos are actually larger? Stunning colour, and car.
  8. NA auto box max speed would be around 150mph at the redline?
  9. Only just noticed this thread. Nice to see someone trying something different, and can't wait to hear it!
  10. Thorin

    GR Yaris

    Everyone seems to love them. Looks great, especially in red. I've just been driving one in Gran Turismo, and now really want one!
  11. Thorin

    Project Pesto

    Yikes, that hinge section was nasty. Glad to see it being put right and not just being broken for parts. I also love all these progress pics.
  12. Gotta get those youtube views somehow I guess.
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