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Homers '98 RSP TT project


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Nice try guys :D The single bits aren't much good, they're just junk parts I held on to. This is staying stock TT (or BPU) for the foreseeable future, it's going to be enough work to get it to road-legal and satisfactory condition as it is. I won't be adding a single build on top of that in the time frame of this thread :)


Steve, quite honestly, if you can help me get this car running you're more than welcome to take that set of TTE wheels as a very small thanks. They would look awesome on your car once they've had a refurb :)

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No T78's for me gents, but I appreciate your enthusiasm for trying to sell the package :D


If the weather holds out there should be a big update tomorrow, but sadly it looks like heavy rain most of the day... not exactly recommended conditions for swapping fuse boxes and wiring looms! If the rain holds off I think Steve and I should be able to get it moving under it's own power tomorrow.

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Some good progress today but we ran into problems again with the fuel pump not priming. Steve will create a separate thread about that in Technical as we can't figure out yet what's going on. I need to get another jspec TT fuel ECU to rule out a fault on this one, something very odd is going on with the voltage supply to the pump....


The big job of the day was completed, the engine bay loom was successfully replaced and we were able to fire the engine up and keep it running for longer this time.


Everyone likes pictures and vids so here's some from todays work:




1) Stripped down again:



2) The old ABS & TRAC relay box mounted under the headlight, this has started to corrode so it will be moved back into the engine bay



3) Old fuse box and faulty loom ready for removal



4) Yet another hole drilled into the chassis, no protection so it's started to rust. This will be repaired and rust proofed



5) More bad wiring, this is the headlamp wire which was just wrapped around a screw



6) Old loom ready for pulling out. Needed to unbolt and tilt back the main and air con radiator to get it out



7) Loom finally removed, this took over an hour alone!



7) Old relay box with sealant, which was not very effective given the corrosion



8) New loom laid out



9) New loom and fuse box installed, back where it should be



10) ABS/TRAC relay box back where it should be



11) All back in



12) And all bolted back together, for now :)




So, that's it for today. Time to start looking at wiring diagrams and attempt to figure out what's going on with the fuel supply, we've ruled out most of the loom, the pump itself and the fuse box. We think it's either a UK/jspec compatibility issue, fuel pump ECU or something else we've not thought of.


Thanks today goes to Steve as always, Hackin' n' Bashin (Adam) for dropping off a free UK rear wheel and a w58 flywheel and Keron for shipping the loom on short notice :thumbs: Nice one guys!














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Subscribed. Big project mate but glad to see you are working your way through. :)

Are you sure you can't be convinced to put the T61 on? I LOVED my car as a 61!


I know mate, T61's are awesome but this is still a fairly budget build for now. First up I need to get it running, I'll think what to do with it much further down the line :)


Only just caught up with this, nice work. I am 99 % sure that I have a new aux belt here if you still need one and can drop it off over the weekend if it helps. I also have an old but strong engine crane if you ever have the need again.


Thanks Shane, I'll take the new one, can you PM me with the price please? The engine crane would be a huge help, would it be okay to buy or borrow it, I'd only need it for a week or two maximum :)

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If I can lay my hands on the belt tomorrow, you can have it, will confirm, its a weird story why I have it and will explain. When do you want the crane? Its at my son's at Burton Latimer and I can collect it in the morning and drop it over if you like, just let me know, or you are welcome to pop over and collect it. It would go in the back of a supra I guess if you don't mind driving with it hanging out the back, it does collapse easily, couple of bolts.

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The fuel pump ecu and engine ecu compatibility may be an issue.

There is a link wire between the two.


The engine ecu needs to see a signal from the fuel pump ecu before it turns the pump on


If you need a different type of fuel pump ecu to try I have some here.

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Thanks guys and especisally Shane for your offer, awesome of you and it will help a hell of a lot :thumbs:


The fuel pump ecu and engine ecu compatibility may be an issue.

There is a link wire between the two.


The engine ecu needs to see a signal from the fuel pump ecu before it turns the pump on


If you need a different type of fuel pump ecu to try I have some here.


Thanks Lee, that is what Steve and I are trying to work out now. I do suspect there is a compatibility issue going on, there's few other explanations. Steve would be the best to reply to this, he's posted a more detailed thread in the tech section tonight. We would like to try a known working jspec ECU (part revision *****-****40 if possible), please let me know if you have one for sale or to borrow for a test.

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