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  1. I guess Toyota felt the UK were hard to please.
  2. Whatever car is native to that country is the key (so, no grey imports), but that being said, the Euro-Spec is the highest spec Supra made. All this aside, it really depends on what your plans are with it.
  3. Hey Alex, I was eyeing up one of their complete single kits on the black Friday deal, but payday isn't until the end of the week! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing for my wallet.
  4. Looking for a twin scroll manifold and associated parts to go single turbo if anyone has anything for sale. I'm also after a 4" exhaust system to go with as well.
  5. Must be in good working condition.
  6. Thank you peeps. [emoji4][emoji106] There should be a video released soon on their YouTube channel.
  7. Thanks buddy. I'm sure something will pop up as these cars become even rarer.
  8. Ironically this is the first and last time she's been used this year. [emoji23] I must take her out of the garage for a good run out soon!
  9. Nice to see your enthusiasm is back Homer. Make the most of the summer whilst it's bearable working outside!
  10. I have one of these boxes sat in my garage as I was originally going to convert it to manual and put it in the Supra. Converting to manual looks very straight forward.
  11. Don't worry. More candles and prayers will sort this.
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