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The good news first - It lives! :D


The bad news is we found a lot of problems with the engine bay loom (not the engine loom), it has had a wire tuck done and this has a caused a LOT of problems. It also looks like at some point someone has been careless with a knife and partially cut through many of the fuse box wires, these were mostly partially connect but several split after attempt to unwrap the loom. It's beyond repair so I'll need to source and entire new bay loom with fuse box.


Also, when we removed the fuse box and several other components that had been tucked away every one of them had corrosion showing evidence of water penetration. Folks, please be careful when you do wire tucks, it's not a good idea to have such critical items outside the relative dry of the engine bay!


First of all, here's the video of the 1st start as promised :)




Steve and I spent over an hour trying to figure out why the fuel pump wasn;t running, after checking all the fuses and relays no problem could be found. The voltages were checked at various points on the car but we kept seeing erractic figures at the pump, sometimes no voltage other times 12v, but it also changed constantly. Eventually Steve suggested we pull the fuse box and have a look, this is where we think we have identified the cause with the split and exposed wires.


Some pics:


1) Front end stripped off and the IC pipes temporarily connected up:




2) Corrosion caused by the wire tuck and water penetration:










3) At some point in it's past (probably before the garage Jason had work on it), someone has been a bit careless with the loom




Just some of the bare wires and splits:




So, next up is to source a new engine bay loom and alternator then get those fitted and try again :)


As always, huge thanks to Steve for giving up his afternoon to help troubleshoot this. I'd never have got this far so quickly without his help today :thumbs:








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Thanks guys :) Really pleased we got it running today, it was more tricky than I was expecting but at least I think (hope!) we found the real cause of the problem now. Steve did most of the work (and thinking) today, I just turned bolts here and there :D


Caesard has one MINUS the headlight connectors which he was going to sell me, but he wouldn't give me a price. Wanted an offer. So he might be worth a PM. I eventually got one off Dude which he is removing for me today.


Thanks mate but I think I will try elsewhere for it...


Well done for getting it running, I remember when that car first went to Lee, the fuse box was mounted upside down under the headlight and was brimmed with water, that will be where the corrosion come from.


Thanks Jamie, I had an idea Lee had seen the car but didn't realise he had to recify some issues with the wiring. It really is a mess and you saying it was mounted upside down (WTF!) doesn't surprise me. No wonder it's so corroded.


Shame we gave got to replace the engine bay loom but there is too much damage really to repair.


Yeah, I had some thoughts about trying to repair it, it'll be quicker but there's so many issues it'll only lead to problems further down the line. The difficult part now is finding a facelift bay loom, they're pretty darn rare. I also think you're right about trying a refurb on the alternator, they don't seem to be very common so it may well work out quicker to fix what's there.


That put a massive smile on my face hearing that start up :D is a shame that that car hasn't had the best people working on it in the past :( but I'm glad its in the right hands now! Well done guys :)


Glad it made you smile Jason, it wasn't all that difficult to get it running, just checking basic things and repairing what we found. It must have taken 3 hours of real work to get it from the state it arrived to running again, how the garage didn't manage it in that time is amazing. Steve and I aren't in the trade, I work in IT and Steve runs a security company :D

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What an awesome thread!! Thanks for taking the video - I love reading threads like these :)


Although they are very rather to get the facelift engine bay loom, Keron may have one as he has had a few facelifts not long ago in for breaking.


Good luck and look forward to seeing the progress :thumbs:

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Wouldent a prefacelift bay loom be the way forword just change the light looms ?


This I don't know for sure yet... The wiring tracks are different between the facelift and pre-facelift and obviously the indicators wires are different (very simple to correct though). I am doing some more checks today on the looms to see if a pre-facelift will work but it's a little bit guesswork so far.



That's an engine loom, I'm after the engine BAY loom which connects the foot well connector boxes (and engine ECU) to the fuse box :)

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