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Homers '98 RSP TT project


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As some of you know I recently purchased a project car build from JasonR24, this car originally belonged to Johnny G and was a shell when Jason got it. I won't go into detail but the short summary is that Jason purchased a rusty UK spec TT auto doner and had a garage install the drivetrain whom attempted to get it running. Things didn't go to plan and Jason ended up needing to sell the car as-is.


My plan for the car is to get it running first, then convert it to 5spd manual. I will be installing the nicer parts from my old supra such as: UK Brakes, as-new interior, black carpets, stereo, TRD diff, prop, drive shafts, W58, uprated clutch, and some others bits. I have almost all the parts needed for this already but it's going to be a time consuming project due to the previous modifications and incomplete install.


This is still in the very early phases as it only arrived at my house yesterday afternoon so I've only had a quick look over it. We found many issues, mostly caused by the complex wiring previously in the car and poor workmanship trying to get it running (or lack of required parts, I don't know)


Here is the car as it arrived:





















Anyone know if the car had this damage when Johnny had it?












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First issue to fix was to figure out why the windows didn't work, the garage had left the drivers window down and rain was due a few hours later. Simple fix, the Clifford alarm had been removed for some reason but the main feed to the drivers switch was not reconnected. Simply cut the Clifford wires out and taped them together as a quick fix.




Steve dropped by today to help give the car a quick once over, we found many small problems with the install and leftover wiring from when Johnny had it. The first thing we needed to figure out was why the car wouldn't fire up. There's 3 main issues we found:


1) The fuel pump ECU was not installed and the stock socket on the loom was not present. I assume this was due to the setup Johnny had (probably twin pump), but for some reason the garage never seemed to attempt to fix this even though the fuel fines were replaced (badly, see pic). The simple solution here is to replace the small part of the loom that connect from the passenger speaker pod area to the fuel pump.


Pic of the really poor install of the fuel feed line, why it was done line this I have no idea. I'll be getting the correct fitting shortly so the tank cover can be fitted again:



UK ECU and jspec loom, will need to get a UK loom to replace this, or make my own. (REVISION: UK and jspec looms are the same, though the plugs are different, the wiring is essentially the same)




2) The coil pack connectors on 4 cylinders were missing or seriously broken. Several of the wires were touching which would have caused a short. Will order some new coil pack connectors. Also notice the breather lines, they are completed broken and also need replacing









3) The Water temp sensor was broken, very common on older engines, but I believe stops the car from firing up.




So, some parts to order from Toyota this week and also a call due to Keron. I'll fix these and see if we can get some fuel going to the engine.








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We also found a lot of others issues with the car, here's some of them:


1) Damage to the bodywork








2) The famous "hole", needs to be cleaned of rust and painted




3) Missing clutch master, also clutch lines have been snipped off and left in place




4) MAP sensor line left open and tied up




5) One of several lines left open due to the charcoal canister not being installed




6) Hole cut in the bulkhead, not sure why this has been done. Will need welding up




7) This is the kicker.... The WORSE trans tunnel mod I've ever seen. The manual tunnel was removed due to the auto swap so I'll have to cut this all out and replace it with a new item from Toyota.




8) Spoiler extensively damaged, it will need to go in the bin.




9) Clifford 650 alarm, no idea why this was removed, there was nothing wrong with it. Will see if Lee is willing to refit it once the car is running again...














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Thread updated with lots more pics...


Good luck Homer, sounds like you'll need it! Do the valve stem seals still need doing?


I will find out once the engine is running, but I very much expect so. Will probably take the head off for a rebuild as it's done a lot of miles.


Subscribed. are you sure you want to go with W58 gearbox? With a car that nice id be tempted to seek V160/161


Yes, I'm sure. I already have a good w58 spare and cannot justify a £2.5k+ spend on a 6spd right now. Eventually though I would like to change to one but we'll see.


Out of interest what are you going to do with the damage in the boot? Good luck with the project :)


At the moment I have no idea, but it does need repairing as the boot doesn't close tightly.

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Looking forward to seeing this come together, once you start going through the problems I am sure it won't take too long to sort out. I know you said that you wouldn't want to but I honestly think it would be fantastic if you could put a 6 speed in this especially as it started life with one! It's a stunning colour too! :cool:

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Wow, that car is in a right state, did you buy unseen mate?


Sold unseen mate, I knew it was a risk, but always had it in the back of my mind that the car is worth a lot more than what I paid in parts, so worse case is I make some money parting it out. It's all fixable though and shouldn't cost too much to get running

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Still can't understand why some of the stuff we saw has been done but its all fixable. Give me a shout when you get the parts mentioned and I will come round to see if we can get it running.


Thanks Steve, appreciate your help today. It's a real state but I'm certain we'll get it back on the road fairly soon.

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I can assure everyone, no one is more pissed off than me about this. Some of the things Daryl pointed out to me made me ashamed of my ignorance. Some of the crap was on the shell before I got it admittedly. I was just too stupid to see it... The "hole" is one such thing.


The garage where the rest of the work was done is Bottisham Garage in cambridge, I will not comment on what I think of it as I'm staying neutral... for now. The two people were RobD from this forum and his boss Jon.


Tbh I didn't want to post anything but its riled me up again to see it all staring me in the face. I've had several professional garages tell me that this work isn't acceptable.


I was just living in ignorance asking for advice and not getting it. It's a shame this has all happened but the car couldn't be in a better place right now. I really thought id have that car for life!


Anyway to all those who think you know someone, think twice! There are many con artists about....


Edit: just so people know RobD and Jon of Bottisham Garage in cambridge, even though I'm not sure they work there anymore, are both total Cowboys, they had a full car to swap parts from, every part from a UK spec was available, all th looms, everything, my interior was even stolen by them, Both should not be allowed near cars. Gone are the days of being neutral, these people need to be named and shamed. I only stayed neutral at the time as I was consulting legal advice but unfortunately due to the fact everything was kept off the books I wouldn't stand much of chance as it would be my word against there's. The dents, marks scrapes and any damage to this car is them and I did not do any damage myself. The spoiler was received in bad condition in the post. I'm not trying to pass all blame off myself, I was young a nieve at the time. I would say I was far too trusting of other people in this incident and believed they were decent genuine people. Daryl is a decent bloke and I really hope he gets this sorted and enjoys it like it should be. Be aware that even some members can be nasty people

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