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  1. Saw your videos on this pop up on Youtube the other day. Was good to finally read the thread about it, garage also looks great btw.
  2. Anyone else read this and immediately think it was an "Ed" thread.
  3. Christ all I've been doing is wanking myself silly..... and then this covid stuff happened.
  4. Can we have a festive thread with all Ed's xmas artwork- I'm hoping Santa 2020 has a nice warm fuzzy covid feel about it
  5. If you spent less on gimpy outfits for a few weeks you'd be the richest person on the forum
  6. Have a go on the other halves car first
  7. Have you ever done much welding?
  8. Welcome to the club- get some more pictures up too
  9. Contact one of them directly over hoping they spot this mate.
  10. Ahhhh Mr Wilson, nice to see you're still loitering about
  11. I've got a Das 6 pro too- good bit of kit for a numpty like me
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