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  1. Depending on which EU country it is though. It is bit of a minefield just getting the right information, but some will allow you to apply for a residence permit if you are quick, or if you had one pre-brexit to have this switched to the a new post brexit "third country" status. Just because you have residency in another country, doesn't automatically mean you have to port across your access to the UK health system, or state pension too, that's a separate process. I applied for and had residency granted in an Eu country in May 2019 which was valid originally for 5 years as I saw this comin
  2. Thanks, you're the second person to suggest Burna. If I cant find an original, I will ask him. Cheers.
  3. Long shot I know, looking for a centre cap for these old school rims.
  4. All sorted, you should have them today or tomorrow. I have a couple of sets left if anyone else is interested.
  5. Bump, still for sale.
  6. Bump and price drop. £15 for the set inc postage to uk.
  7. Bump, still have these for sale. Rider's post has some valid points in that the old plugs do crumble and bits can drop, but nothing most people couldn't cope with so long as they are aware. However, most of the ones I have seen not only have damaged plugs, but the insulation on the cables themselves tends to be scorched, brittle and even cracked in the worse cases, exposing the conductors. If there's been enough heat to damage the plug, it's obvious the 25 year old cables close to the plug have also been exposed to heat. Rider can do it his way and leave shite brittle cables in place, b
  8. I remember seeing this as a NA many many years ago, about a month after I bought my first Mkiv, looks great Jim! But burning question, do you still live in a windmill?
  9. Merry Christmas and lets hope for a better year in 2021.
  10. Provisionally sold. Thanks.
  11. Not really, I have seen them sliced up and used on GEs but by no means a straight fit.
  12. Hi, il take this...do you take PayPal?

    has this ever been used?



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    2. Shane


      Neither have been fitted mate.  Not sure how much benefit taking more pics will be, but will see what I can do.  Will let you know the full price later today, paypal as a gift, or plus fees please.  Won't be much as its as light as a feather.




    3. Shane


      Hi, £4 will cover it with Hermes or similar using parcel2go. 

      Paypal: [email protected]   Please as a gift or plus paypal fees, thanks.

      Let me know if you want to proceed, thanks.


    4. SUPRA GUY


      hi mate, i will transfer the funds later today.



  13. Clear cam cover in as new condition. Sure it will polish up nice but dusty with packing marks from where its been in the box for 6+ years and moved many times. Can't really get any close up high detail pics. Priced accordingly, £20 plus postage at cost, or collect from East Northants by arrangement. PM me if interested thanks.
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