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  1. You should be more concerned about the depreciation on them 3 cars [emoji38]
  2. Wish I didn’t buy it, you are one disgusting fella, then video’s [emoji6]
  3. I have just come on to say that I love Ellis... Few people on this forum have devoted as much time, dedication & not to mention huge amounts of money as Ellis. At home I have a collection of all the DB books that Ellis has created, they are absolutely brilliant, this takes time and effort to do and this man goes above and beyond. So yes please care, although the site might be updated it will be difficult to compete with social media, that is an entirely different animal.
  4. Wow they look great! Good idea, you don't want to make it worse... not like they are a cheap set of wheels!!
  5. On the plus side, the wheels are looking amazing!! We need pictures of the wheels!!
  6. Awesome, don't worry about that I'll get do the usual and tell them I am a copper and they can jog along [emoji16] See you soon mate! Look forward to seeing the 86!
  7. I am going to try and catch up on this thread later but Burna has threaten me if I don't turn up!! As a man of peaceful violence... I'll be there, so expect loads of hugs.
  8. I plan to be there! Are you guys in the usual spot?! Do you guys grab something to eat and meet afterwards as usual?
  9. Sophos, they are now allowing free downloads. The best bit is that it uses the enterprise engine... all for free. We used to get some free licenses for our corporate ones but now they have offered it for free.
  10. I have a used a few reputable garages but SRD by FAR are the best in the field. Lee & his team are just incredible. I would not recommend you taking your car anywhere else.
  11. Abz

    Manchester attack

    How fitting of you to use the word "struggle" to your view of Islam and place it in line with Nazi's... pretty much exactly how the folks at ISIS think in the same mentality. You know the first place I heard about the word Jihad being about war? In the news papers & on TV, same as people who say Muslims use the term "infidel" - again this was widely used. I did write out a decent piece about religion but thought no point in wasting my time, it's like talking to members of Britain First or EDL, they have a narrative and that is what they believe in. Your last sentence pretty much s
  12. Abz

    Manchester attack

    Jihad is mentioned loads of times in the Quran, it means struggle. Yep that is exactly what it means but for some reason it has been portrayed in the western media as war. Guess it is a catchy word, good marketing. With regards to religion, the young chap who blew himself up turns out to be drinker, into drugs & local gang culture... so technically that means anyone who drinks is also responsible right? I mean you are like him? We see it all the time that when something like this happens everyone starts the whole religion debate but forgets to mention that ISIS kill ratio is 95% Musl
  13. This, especially the Avensis... out here in Dubai they are used as Taxi's and plenty of them have 700Km on the clock and still going strong. Some of them share the cars so one person does a 12 hour shift then passes it to his colleague and then the car goes on another 12 hours, not too bad in the winter time but during the scorching summers it would take quite a toll on the cars. I also got my Dad a diesel Avensis and although I told him it might not last that long as I got it pretty cheap and it has 140k on the clock, the thing just keeps going.
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