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  1. Wow that fast 7 made some cash
  2. I'm sure on the supra you can do it all from bay and underneath keeping the stock turbos in place
  3. I always thought you needed the TT oil pump with trigger sensor to get coil packs. I be their are plenty more options now
  4. Just see a trailer for this how the hell is Han back. This franchise has lost it's grip on reality massively. Jumping cars off cliffs , out of plans , through buildings , over bridges, out of car parks come on . What happened to films having a good story line
  5. mellonman

    Project Pesto

    Very satisfying to see the transformation great work saving another supra
  6. Nice to have you back been a while .
  7. I love what this guy does on his channel proof is in the results
  8. Back in the day gtechnic c4 was the stuff
  9. Their was a calculator somewhere in the FAQ
  10. I expect a silicone would do if done both inside and out side . I think I used black gutter sealer for mine many moons ago . Still not leaking their. Is tiger seal water proof ? I dont know
  11. yeah the one in the boot , i thought you would of had it off already but you never know .
  12. Its normally the weld joint behind the light. Take the cover in the boot off and you should be able to see the leak better then you can seal it
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