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  1. Yeah no probs If you send me a pm with details and will work it out for you Thanks
  2. You can get them from Toyota 81730-02040
  3. If its urgent drop me a message and will try squeeze it in before you go to help out Your only up the road from us
  4. Lee P

    SRD Bumper Under tray

    Hi we are out of stock of the engine under trays at the moment, being made now
  5. 1. Josh42 - Staffordshire 2. blythmrk - Derbyshire/Yorkshire 3. erachter - West Sussex 4. Mike2JZ - Zimbabwe 5. Ben_harmer32 - West Sussex 6. Safcdixon - Durham 7. AdamAMG - Mars 8. Tayr - Uranus/Hampshire 9. Lewmc93 - Merseyside / The TSS 10. Mwilkinson - Hampshire 11. m12aak - Leicester 12. Kev.O - Bristol 13. Samurai 20V - South Africa, Durban 14. Trebor69 - Swadlincote 15. Drift_bear - Aberdeen 16. Harrypm82 - Manchester 17. bonus_2000 - Kent 18. Sukhy - Wolverhampton 19. Dnk - Dunk - Redditch 20. Noz - Devon 21. Jim_supra - East Yorkshire 22. Jord - Oxford 23. Style
  6. Just seems over complicated for no real reason. I think for anyone wanting some benefits of Alcohol fuel you either run a flex sensor and put the fuel in the tank or you run meth injection. For me the flex sensor is the better option but depends on your ECU and supporting setup. Meth injection is very popular in modern car tuning because they run high compression and restrictive setups so benefit from running it all the time. On a good supra setup while there is always benefits with better fuel you can run 800,900,1000hp on our UK pump fuel (depending on turbo and setup). So im
  7. Sorry site was down for a little bit. We dont have any UK cores to do exchange but can do yours if you send them to us.
  8. Surely what you have described is basically a meth injection kit? That will do what your asking when you need it without blending the fuel in the tank and using it all the time.
  9. Just to let you know these are rebuilt Toyota units not brand new but good quality not china alternator.
  10. Yeah Celica cable is best and easy, we keep them in stock and also Paul at Whifbitz should have them too.
  11. Lee P


  12. Will need more fuel up top but less around idle because of the overlap on the cams. Which is why cams are a trade off and shift power bands, essentially the engine has less compression at idle so more fuel wastage
  13. Actually the other way round It will cause it to run rich around the idle area, also double check your timing and make sure belt is on ok
  14. We use stock OE Denso coils on all the big power supras and they work great, can do them for £540 a set. A lot of the stock style aftermarket coils either don't last or don't like too much boost, have replaced loads. As Mike says the R35 and R8 coils work well, R8 good value for money but you need to do some wiring for them.
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