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  1. http://soarercentral.com/sc-forum/messages/37/119.html
  2. Decent tyres and a wheel alignment first. Then look into oem shocks & springs, kayaba or bilsteins. If its not better by then, id look into bushes on the control arms and subframes
  3. That is not a car you want to sell. New memories need to be made with it mate!!
  4. After some top secret spats. Damage to them is fine Cheers
  5. I would do all the waxoyl after its done in the booth like the painter said. Once the 2k epoxy is on the bare metal your fine
  6. 4 nuts in the roof. Take a look at the nuts they have a snall sleeve on them that gives the boot one position to sit in
  7. Remove the self centering nuts and use normal nuts
  8. Great news. Are the pumps the same for NA and TTs?
  9. Got some legal 3D gel plates from JDMplates
  10. Anyone got the complete accelerator pedal unit from a 5 speed or 6 speed shell? Cheers
  11. My holidays pretty much over now so not much painting will be happening i got my dash panels that need a nice fresh coat but no rush to be fair
  12. Repainted my Strut bar in TRDs paint. Funnily enough it looks like a bang on match to the TT calipers paint to. And a picture from taking the supra out today
  13. I have a set of etches mirror stainless Supra sill covers produced by Miami GT from around 2005. Very hard to find peices, they stick on the original plastic covers with a high quality double sided tape. They could do with a sand and polish to bring them up again as theres a few marks and a rust spot in the corner that will come off (rust was from the door as stainless dosent rust) £220 delivered in the UK
  14. Finished And thats the job done, shes gleaming. One tone of silver. Loads of new bits fitted to her and i couldnt be happier. Since day 1 of ownership it needed better paint and that hurdle has been crossed finally. Now to start putting more attention towards converting her over to Manual.
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