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  1. Think i found your manual 1A1, looks like it stayed over in Japan in its early days. Who knows where it is now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXZg20qtvIM
  2. What about the brown uk spec woth the jdm optional boot visor? I remember it being on the forums and apparently was 1 of 1?
  3. After a mk4 W58 shifter lever Picture below is froma v160 but thats the part im after
  4. If that seller gets 3k for a smashed shell they are laughing. 1k tops. Probably not even 1k
  5. Anyone got a manual gear dash surround? Scraped rubber/ worn gaiter is fine. Will need pictures of the underside clips to
  6. Works! Thanks for the effort in showing me as i do like to mark things as sold when they are...sold!
  7. Sweet, im considering going manual so not sure if i should sell now
  8. Thats something i actually thought of but never knew if it would work. Good to know
  9. @sold I have a brand new and boxed Twin turbo auto radiator with the thicker core that will also fit a NA auto with no clearance issues. Purchased as a back up a few years ago when doing my waterpump but didnt need it. OE # - 16400-46320 AVA brand £170 collected from Northampton
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