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  1. I believe Geoff is referring to the plastic undertray part. It's number 53590 in his picture (Confusing I know!)
  2. Homer

    NA manual ECU

    Thanks Ben, much appreciated. I’ll keep an eye on that one.
  3. Homer

    NA manual ECU

    Good stuff. PM on its way
  4. Homer

    New member

    Welcome to the club. Did I see this on the back of a recovery truck on Saturday near the sewage works? There's quite a few of us long term Supra owners in Northampton area Where are you located?
  5. Spotted 2 days ago on the back of a recovery truck on Ecton Lane, next to the sewage works. No plates on it and it looked stock. Nearly had a heart attack as I thought was mine for a second. Anyone missing a Supra? It’s traveller central around there.
  6. It depends if you’re referring to the first or second cat. The first cat is different on the UK spec, it has a different bolt pattern. The second cat is the same, but as already mentioned above misses the 2nd O2 sensor. That said, the car should be able to pass the emissions test with only the second cat in.
  7. Indeed, Mawby was doing some work on the forum, editing has been reverted.
  8. Homer


    Done. Apologies Frizzy, a small mix up over your username. Welcome to the club
  9. Looked tidy, silver and had a Dragonball sticker on it. Must be someone from here, swear I saw a picture of it recently on one of the fb groups...
  10. Agreed Scooter, my bad Also agreed that the non-VVTi package might be an advantage (Less complex) and it could still come with the V160 & large case diff (and associated drivetrain), some facelift models still had the older stronger components, some not. The VIN plate will confirm this.
  11. Not so far from you is Bedford Aerodrome. It's a huge track that will really allow you to test not only the straight line power of the car but also the brakes and cornering. It's a great track that's really well suited to a GT car. Let a pro driver drive your car, you will be amazed what it can do. I've been there a dozen times with various conditions and it always confirms I'm the weakest link in the car It's got very safe run off and not a lot to hit so is a great track to actually learn how to drive fast and to do it safely. No noisy exhausts though... I always had to stick a bung in my on
  12. 2 hour drive when I'm supposed to be looking after the kid on the wife's rest day. Maybe in.. Just have to convince the Mrs
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