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Homers '98 RSP TT project


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The all important and rare VVTi engine bay loom is now sourced from Keron. Not cheap this one but they are rare as hens teeth.


Also received the coil packs from Marc_p, thanks mate, very much appreciated, they're like new :D Also ordered brand new coil pack mounts, screws and clips from Toyota, again not cheap but they're impossible to find 2nd hand. I'm also going to have a go at refurbing the alternator as they're impossible to find 2nd hand.


All that should be here by Friday so I'm hoping to have another day on the car this Saturday. It's going to be a long job to replace the bay loom but it's the best way forward.


Now I am just working on the parts list.. I have sourced the following so far:

- Tranny tunnel (need to order from Toyota, can't be bothered dealing with a 2nd hand one)

- Clutch master (possibly from Dr Jekyll)

- Clutch slave (possibly Dr Jekyll)

- Clutch line (will order the braided one posted earlier in this thread)

- 5spd gearbox (already own, need to pick up from Dr Jekyll)

- Clutch (Should be a puck one with the gearbox, so need to pick up)

- Engine crane

- Plugs and all fluids for the service

- Auxiliary belt


And I still need to find:

- 5spd Flywheel (need to source one, not going to buy new)

- Brake, clutch and accelerator pedals

- TT throttle cable

- Facelift rear lights and loom

- Stock or TRD spoiler

- OEM style Recaro seats

- New steering wheel

- A good panel beater to repair the rear hatch!

and probably lots more as I'm sure there's more issues to come


So far I've spent about £480 on top of the price of the car but I can easily see another £1k going into it.

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Ive got an aux belt you can have, also have a throttle cable if an Aristo one is any good.


If the belt is in very good condition I'll take that mate :) Not sure if the Aristo cable will fit, can't say I've heard of using one before on a Supra. PM sent :)

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If it's any help, next time I'm at Craigs, I can pick the box up for you? If you haven't got it by then. Only saves about 30 miles, but the offer is there.

I live just outside Chepstow, if you want to work out distances :)


Thanks dude, that's very kind of you to offer :) I actually need to visit Craig though and have a route around his parts as he has quite a few little bits I need. I'll pass on the offer but thanks anyway :thumbs:

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Thanks dude, that's very kind of you to offer :) I actually need to visit Craig though and have a route around his parts as he has quite a few little bits I need. I'll pass on the offer but thanks anyway :thumbs:


No problem Daryll :)

There is a mini meet on the 17th at Craigs ;)

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I've got a 5 speed flywheel here Darryl' date=' didn't put it in with the auction as I forgot about it. I'll out it with your wheel of you want[/quote']


Nice one, can you do a put a flat edge across it and make sure it's perfectly flat please, also no major score marks. If it is then that's a deal.

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You can skim a 5 speed FW Daryl. It's not a DM.


Good point, I forgot about that :)


I bought is used as a spare' date=' from memory it's in good condition, can't check at the minute as I can't be arsed to put pants on and get out of bed.[/quote']


That's not painted a good picture in my head but thanks anyway :D

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Cheers guys :)


What condition are the cams in? from one of the pics with the oil cap off it didn't look pretty in there


Yeah it looks a bit gunky inside, I'll have a better look when I change the cam cover gaskets


Brackmills body repair might be able to get it out mate. That's where I like my car. Or is it brackmills body shop. Something like that. Owner is a nice chap too. And good work for a nice price. He likes supras too :)


Thanks mate, I'll definitely give them a try once the cars on the road, they're only a couple of miles down the road :)

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Door wiring is now patched back together, the aftermarket speaker wires are removed and everything is returned to stock. Patched the moisture seal back in and did a small repair, they're actually in good condition. Fitted some replacement speakers in the stock pods and installed the door card. Windows are now fully working along with the door locks, etc. Simple job but still took 2 hours! Johnny had a lot of sound proofing done on the car and the doors close with a satisfying clunk, such a difference to stock.


Also replaced one of the A-pillar plastics but the other is badly damaged, a replacement is on it's way.


Small steps but getting there... Next big job is to replace the wiring bay loom, so that'll be done over the weekend if the weathers reasonable.


Edited to add, the car came with nearly all the screws and bolts missing, so I'm having to rob ones off the daily and do it half and half. Will complete it when the daily is stripped...

Also found a huge box of spare TT parts from when I did my old single conversion including a set of turbo's I forgot I had. These should save a fair bit when replacing all the rusty and corroded bits on this engine. Good job I'm a parts hoarder :D


2nd edit, also found a single turbo manifold, T61 turbo, downpipe, 650cc, 550cc & 440cc injectors, aftermarket fuel rail, aeromotive FPR, ultra rare big faced HKS boost gauge and a shed load of lines and other single parts. I don't even remember where I got this stuff from!

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