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  1. I’d just like to clarify - Charlie bought the parts before going travelling for months. I stored the parts inside a car at my 2nd unit for safe keeping. Since then, my car was crashed and due to another vehicle being dumped on me, I have been unable to move my car in order to get access to the vehicle these parts are stored in. I have also been in contact with Charlie, and assured him as soon as I can move my car, his parts will be available. (imminently!!!) I was also waiting for some bodywork to be undertaken on his car before fitting said parts, which has not been mentioned since his ret
  2. The only part that wasn't OEM or uprated were the front discs. The calipers weren't binding. In 4 years, an identical set up except OEM discs have never caused an issue. 3 months these had been fitted, and they cooked after 3 roundabouts, 2 of which weren't particularly hard stops. I have spoken to Blueprint. They're no longer considered "OEM Equivalent", because they claimed them to be "99% equivalent" in an e-mail to me, which my solicitor was all over like a rash.
  3. Blue Print discs are made of cheese. ONLY use OEM discs with a good pad, such as Chris Wilsons. Even OEM pads!
  4. I have an NA engine with good crank bud. You bought a crank off me a few years back too!
  5. Ask them why MR2OC dictate the tug of war and car pull events aswell... *cough* FIX *cough*
  6. MR2 was the guy who was so worried he attached the harness wrong and cut my shoulder up. And were getting very possessive over the events. Bless 'em GTO OC didn't show up to any event Chasing 7's brought a rugby player especially to do the car pull. We'll kidnap him next year.
  7. Massey - Nailed it. Car pull, Tug of war and endurance are all mine next year. MR2OC can kiss my arse! That is all.
  8. I will be without my Supra I suspect. But should be there.
  9. Where in London are you based dude?
  10. I'll take the cam covers please - PM me your payment details
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