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  1. Hi all, as per the title, a full set of OEM top mounts for sale, purchased to go on a set of KWs but I sold them before I could fit them. Looking for £200 posted
  2. Hi guys, thanks for all the interest, everything has now sold and I will mark the thread as such when I figure out how to!
  3. NOW ALL SOLD Hi guys, got some suspension parts to sell. I was going to go for a full refresh under the car but children put a damper on those plans! I have no idea what parts are worth anymore so please comment if they are way out of line. Pair of long rear tension rods £100 posted Pair of short rear tie rods £100 posted Pair of upper front arms, 1 pre facelift, 1 post, £300 posted An assortment of bolts and nuts for the rear end, including camber bolts. I bought this from here under the impression that I was a complete set, but never checked, I've inclu
  4. Hi all, Clearing out some space from the shed, so I have these items to sell TRD Steering Wheel, black leather with red stitching, some marks in the leather and would benefit from a retrim, £650 posted TRD Strut Brace, good condition, a couple of spots to touch up paint wise, £150 posted UK Spec front brakes, discs and pads, working condition but would recommmend a rebuild for peace of mind, £300 posted Pictures to follow this evening when I'm at a computer Thanks for looking!
  5. I don't believe it does mate, it's a G4+ Storm, you would need to check with the experts (Lee at SRD/ Paul at Whifbitz) but I'm going to say no for now. I gave £800 for it, with the A and B loom, and a link 3 bar map sensor, which I'd like to see back if possible. - - - Updated - - - At this time I'm not looking to separate the kit I'm afraid, will keep you in mind if I get interest in the other items though!
  6. What's your budget? I've got a new whifbitz NA/T kit, a used link ECU, new FIC 650cc drop in injectors and R35 coils I may part with
  7. Hi all, Got a set of UK front and rear brakes for sale, I never got round to fitting them but they were sold to me as in good working order. The pads and discs have plenty of meat left on them, I'll post pictures later tonight. I have no idea what the current going rate is, so maybe £1000 posted for the lot? Willing to revise the price should it be way out of line. Thanks, Adam
  8. Hello all, I'm selling my new OEM facelift lights, never fitted to the car just sat under my bed for a year. After what I paid, £600 collected - SOLD Also selling a new facelift front bumper, again never fitted and just taking up room, I'd like £350 collected Also got a TRD tower bar to sell in very good condition, I'd like £200 posted. Pictures to follow shortly. Cheers
  9. Hi all, I am selling my spare W58 gearbox, bought it last year as part of the conversion Ibrar from Speedwells was selling as I needed the manual propshaft, and kept this as a spare. Now it is in the way, I'm looking for £500.
  10. I'm in no rush mate, just looking to get together some parts over time to go NA/T
  11. I would be interested in your injectors mate if you end up changing and they drop in a GE fuel rail?
  12. Things are ok mate! Only bought my ticket today, only managed to get my car running again the start of this week! Got a few issues but it should run ok. Yep, I'm N/A too, more than happy to race you!
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