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  1. Hey Manos, just checking in to see how my old car is getting on!
  2. Just so you know, the premium for buying a UK car will probably outweigh the saving in insurance costs.
  3. Hi all, Purely for valuations sake, could you give me a rough price you would expect to pay for a:- - 93' NA manual 5 speed converted to TT VVTi (still retains the W58) - 103K miles on the shell, 60K on the engine - BPU mods i.e FMIC, exhaust etc. - Coilover suspension - Aftermarket wheels - OEM leather seats - Non stock colour - Requires front wings and rear bumper repainting To clarify, this isn't my own, so please don't message me trying to buy it Cheers - Rich
  4. Tempted buddy, this will/would be Supra number six though. I check the Japanese auctions daily - - - Updated - - - There's good reason though Chris, I do really, really like Supras' Looking at current values I was absolutely mental to sell my grey one when I did!
  5. Hi all, As titled. I'm soon to be in the market for an SZ-R six speed, it would have to be a really nice one though. Preferably Recaros, UK brakes, excellent condition. Just a heads up if anybody is looking to sell then I could certainly be interested and willing to pay the right money for the right car knowing what they're fetching in Jap-land these days
  6. Appreciated buddy Looking forward to seeing it progress for sure, that's a great engine in that car. Having been in a few NA's I can honestly say that was the sweetest engine of the lot. The R34 went and I kept the Silvia which I've not long done a deal with for an RX7 (which is soon to be for sale) and I may even be looking at another Supra!
  7. I do have to say that Scotts does sound absolutely amazing, even just idling!
  8. Hi all, Checking in from a short break away from the club. What's the going rate these days for well spec'd facelift six speed SZ-R'? UK brakes, Recaros etc. Mileage 70K ish Oh, and this isn't a wanted advert but if anyone has one for sale then you know where to find me
  9. Great to see you still enjoying the car Mannos! This really was/is an excellent car and becoming more desirable month by month. To think when I sold this it was at the top end of the NA market (and rightfully so) yet to buy the same car again now would be at least 50% more in my opinion. Anyway, great to see some progress as I have some great memories in that vehicle. If you decide to sell up any time soon, and I'm sure you won't, let me know p.s I'm glad you ditched those horrible arm rests, I stupidly swapped the mint condition original ones for them expecting great things and boy was
  10. Item:- First catalytic converter for the NA Supra. Condition:- Used in good working order Price:- £30 Collection From:- Cannock, Staffordshire. Pictures available upon request.
  11. I'm sure a quick search online will reveal a few but to be honest you may be better buying a brand new item over in Norway if possible as the postage will be ridiculous.
  12. Item:- Stock OEM side pods Condition:- Used in good working order, all clips intact, some light scratches as to be expected Price:- £SOLD Collection From:- Cannock, Staffordshire. https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/11990386_1221344397892078_1108403019848783685_n.jpg?oh=f5f06c7196459e65f815f8c4126350c6&oe=56A0D16D https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/11221339_1221344417892076_7003730915455966216_n.jpg?oh=387fdd6347e91893413db84d9d049444&oe=566A3483
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