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  1. Yeah, would consider a flappy paddle 8 speed zf box once they nail the conversion, I hear slow speed driving is a little compromised at present. other than that, v160/v161
  2. Let me know what you have please. Thanks Jamie
  3. Few people I’ve spoke to say that they are not very nice to live with.
  4. Been a bit busy of late, Not much going on with the supra but the new garage is finished. I need to jump back on gathering parts. If anyone sees a decent deal on a v160/v161 let me know please.
  5. I’ve had some great times with this club over the 15 years I’ve been a member, and made many friends Still love a supra!
  6. Knew I forgot something lol, everyone keeps banging on about the door into the hedge, there is plenty of room to get in, I didn’t want a door but would be a pain if there was an issue with the electric garage door or a power cut.
  7. I decided to stay 2jz in the end, I bought a vvti 2jz-ge that SRD are fully building for me, will probably go with something like a Borg Warner billet s369 turbo. I need to find a 6 speed box also, I’m not in any rush though, I’ve got a lot going on at the min. also in the middle of building another garage.
  8. 800hp in a supra is the sweet spot but I doubt I will go that far with it, I’d be happy with TT auto I think as want to use this car a lot.
  9. I’ve never modded a car thinking about resale value and don’t plan to start now
  10. She does a decent donut https://www.instagram.com/p/CLMQjSen74JUDioIncMGdS91H1EZbG7Hl5Pc-g0/?igshid=1je7ui5tdrwie
  11. I think I’m gonna keep it, £15k is a good offer for a NA auto but if I do sell I think I will kick myself later as the prices are only going one way.
  12. Cheers guys, I’m not sure what to do yet, I’ve had a couple of very good offers on the car, I’m considering selling it tbh.
  13. Thanks. Paul Cheshire did it for me, based in Aylesbury.
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