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  1. Honestly, GTR is in another league imo, comfort/speed is usability is way ahead, maintenance isnt much more I don’t think, brake disc are expensive but then other things are cheap, 16 plate clutch in my GTR was £300. I still love Supras but for the same reason I love my cosworth really, nostalgia.
  2. Starting to look a bit better
  3. Thanks, 8.5 and 10j et25 all round
  4. Wheels look so much better now painted silver
  5. Yeah bit of T cut, I’ve got a guy coming to mop it Friday and I will get a new video up the weekend
  6. Yeah that’s a fair shout, big part of why I got another, I might have kicked myself in a few years and couldn’t face paying the money. now I have some space to store cars at the new house I don’t plan on selling any more.
  7. Haha, so you ignored my advice
  8. Thanks but found somebody now, coming next Friday.
  9. Yes mate xxr521, got a guy coming to paint the wheel centres silver Monday. Anyone know somebody that would come and mop the car for me, I’m still going to paint it at some point but I just want to get it looking decent for now, it’s so flat.
  10. Cheers guys, I’m looking forward to getting a a few pics of them together when the supra is looking better. it’s off to SRD at the end of the month for few jobs, fits the wheels and coilovers etc. And most importantly make a plan on the engine. It looks like I’m going a different route this time, nothing crazy. More on that soon once we check a few things.
  11. Keeping this dent guy busy he is amazing what he has got out so far. Im sat on the sofa spying on him via the ring camera.
  12. Thanks 8.5 et25 and 10j et25
  13. Thanks guys, wheels and coilovers and front lip are here, just waiting for the wheel centre to be painted silver before I install.
  14. Yeah I’m not ready to start messing with mechanics yet mate, just want to get it clean and looking the part for now. I just got planning for a new garage at home, get that done first.
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