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F1 2022!!!!!


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2 hours ago, Annabella said:

George did a fab job keeping the Bulls behind for as long as he did. Max's frustration was fun to listen/watch.

As  per Merc finding the solution to straight line bouncing, will they be able to make up the rest of the gap to the others?

Of course they will, I reckon Mercedes will be firmly in contention come the summer break.


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42 minutes ago, Swampy442 said:

Turns out it was Ricciardo

And more surprisingly the only 1..... so far 

The Mercs especially Hamiltons looked awful 

Think the most exciting prospect is it could rain on Sunday and properly mess it up 

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8 hours ago, Swampy442 said:

Rain now, well a bit, with heavy rain forecast. Formation lap behind the safety car, wtf

I thought the same, but as it happened they were right, pissed it down just after. Age old problem though at Monaco, lack of any chance of overtaking, was interesting in a way though. 

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4 hours ago, Dnk said:

So how did Max not cross the pit lane exit line ? 

Concluded that his entire wheel didn't cross the line apprarently. I've not seen the footage yet, was expecting it to be a boring race so haven't paid too much attention. Sounds like it was manic lol

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13 hours ago, Annabella said:

Looked like the front may have done, but this years regs have changed that the whole wheel has to cross the yellow line.

It would be so much easier if it was touch the Yellow line with either front or rear and you'll get a penalty, it's very difficult to see if the inside edge of the tyre/s has actually crossed it 

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