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  1. Spoke to them earlier and they will post the part to me Thanks again for the offers of help guys, really appreciated
  2. Cheers guys really appreciate it, just waiting on a response from the seller. They have sold one item but not replied regarding the other piece, i'll give them a call later and see if that's still available
  3. I've found two LR trim pieces on ebay I want to buy but it's collection only. Anyone on here live near Hoddesdon and could help me out ? They are at ADJ Landrovers Unit N5 RD Park Essex Road Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 0FB
  4. Dnk

    Cryto Currency

    And happily still going
  5. Dnk

    Cryto Currency

    Does anyone else watch any of these analysis videos on youtube ?
  6. Dnk

    Cryto Currency

    Watching some interesting live feeds and how much power it takes to create Bitcoin Also Brad Garlinghouse discussing how Ripple could move from the US
  7. Dnk

    Cryto Currency

    Recovered 10 % in 4 hrs
  8. Dnk

    Cryto Currency

    Ouch that was painful but all part of the crypto ride 25% in 15 minutes Possibly a good time to buy or is it going to drop again ?
  9. Dnk

    Cryto Currency

    I have been very lucky Taken some nice profit and have some nice positions growing I also have some positions I bought when I started and knew nothing which are sat in the RED but over the last year they are recovering and I'm hopeful could go Green in the not too distant future
  10. Dnk

    Cryto Currency

    Looking like XRP will break $2.00 very soon Bitcoin ATH and now over $64,000
  11. Dnk

    Cryto Currency

    600% from here would be very very nice If my maths is right 600% puts XRP over $9.00
  12. Dnk

    Cryto Currency

    Glad I kept the super cheap XRP I bought in March 2020 when it went down to $0.11 I bought at 0.1278 I put in some of my profit and very happy where it's gone/going. Any thoughts on all the stuff i'm reading that the SEC case is on its knees and lots of forecasts saying XRP will beat its ATH
  13. Went with Interparcel FEDEX Priority and great service Collected yesterday and was delivered today and a decent price
  14. Ends in 5 hours, now at $62345 with 5% buyers fee and goes to a max of $5000 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1995-toyota-supra-28/?utm_source=dm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-04-07
  15. I think the price they can be bought for says it all ! This makes them very tempting and if I had a £10k to burn I'd probably buy one Good luck
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