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  1. Dnk

    Cryto Currency

    Any thoughts on the crypto scene in general guys ?
  2. Dnk

    Possible new car

    Forgot to update this. The trader told me it has a problem with the gearbox and would get back to me I've not heard anything since and that was 3 weeks ago.
  3. Dnk

    F1 2021

    The whole grid got through the chicane from the start which did surprise me I really don't think Verstappen went down the route that Hill is suggesting. I think he just drives his car like Senna used to, if you yield then your opponent will always have the upper hand I don't think he checked on Hamilton as he walked away because it looked like he was still trying to back his car out and was thus ok ? I could be wrong on that one. Chicanes will always cause this issue if neither driver backs out then you'll get crashes, i personally think the large sausage kerb
  4. Dnk

    TT6 aero on BAT

  5. I actually preferred Carol but then I'm a tad weird that way
  6. You don't like the numbers round on Countdown then
  7. did you use a calculator ? or long division ?
  8. https://percentagecalculator.net/ I use this and saves all the number crunching
  9. Dnk


    Very impressed with ATS, the guy doing mine was very careful in every aspect of the job All bolts torqued up no air guns Very happy customer and bunged him a tenner
  10. Dnk

    F1 2021

    I agree they will let them go at it. We haven't seen this was my point and Russell is going to have to be pretty impressive to de throne Hamilton
  11. Dnk

    F1 2021

    If he's not to become 2nd fiddle then he's got to deliver straight out the box against Hamilton so the jury is still out on that one. First time on the grid next to LH will be the test, I look forward to seeing the outcome of that
  12. Dnk

    Love this

    I do like them when they're down to be honest, makes for a very clean front end
  13. Dnk

    F1 2021

    It will be interesting to see how Russell v Hamilton pans out
  14. Dnk


    Gave it a quick wash ready for the new G/Y's
  15. Dnk

    Great service

    It drives really well on the Eibach pro kit, I didn't want it crashy and hard. Copes with our dire roads very well
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