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  1. I had H&R on a few track cars, above the base spec theyre decent, couldn't comment on what you're buying
  2. I also have one if you still need
  3. Love these wheels but at this price, I dont think you want to sell them
  4. Possible switch? Think theres an ECU for the windows as well
  5. Isn't that a cat overheat sensor?
  6. Swampy442

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    So to have a BLM stance you have to boycott races and obey what the baying public say you should do? I'm sure his contract and employers would forbid him. How Hamilton choses to represent his views is entirely up to him. Ridiculous. But yes, remarkable achievement in the modern era, from one of the greatest drivers.
  7. Need to free some cash up quickly due to an incoming project, so I'm shifting some wheels 1x set, in respectable condition with good budget tyres - £500 which is exactly what I paid for them minus fuel Pair of rears, need a refurb but straight and crack free with centre caps - £200 Collection from Lincoln, unable to ship but can meet buyers within a reasonable distance from Lincoln
  8. For them Youtube views. Also people just like to be outraged these days.
  9. 1) you bought an Audi, not famed for their customer service or support, just pumping out cars. 2) Show them the certificate, if thats what it takes to sort it, then do it
  10. I retained mine, and I believe I have a spare on the shelf
  11. On an aside, if you're anti roll bar is that badly corroded I'd take a day and have a good look at the condition of the rest of the underside, as theres bound to be other bits in dire need of replacing.
  12. Its up to you really, change it while its right in front of you, or wait until it lets go, strip the front of the engine to get it out and replace it. Know what I'd do.
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