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  1. GZ aero top over here
  2. Did you look at the condition of the washers on the cam cover bolts?
  3. Ive ranted about this at length numerous times. As an owner is great prices are up, but nobody in their right mind would pay 20k for a kitted NA. The market is a self fulfilling prophesy - Once chancer puts a TT auto up at 25k, everyone thinks their car is worth that, all TT autos are now worth 25k Tha advertised price and the actual sale price are often very different
  4. Yeah do it, gotta complete the set
  5. Its not stupid low is it, or has been? If so check the wiring loom that runs in the passenger side wheel arch for tyre rubs that have exposed the wires
  6. Of course it does, it shares a Soarer/Aristo floor pan, theres plenty of space to fit a big silencer on the drivers side
  7. The ECU will still be sending the signal, the fault is mechanical not electrical so I'm not sure. Only one way to find out
  8. Theres a set on Facey, but plastic, TTE stamped though
  9. Poorly prepped, thats moisture under the paint. Will need doing again
  10. God damn that spools hard
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