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  1. Due to a change in plans my T51 kit will be going for sale soon. Although a few years old its basically new (done some dyno time) HKS manifold, waste gate and obviously the turbo. Just wondering what it would be worth?
  2. Tyres and wheel size have a crucial role in the ride, stock 16s on a soft sidewall tyre will feel miles better than 19s on XL tyres.
  3. Fellow M5 owner here, E34 and 39. the 39 is a great car, when I sell my Supra thats what Ill buy as well. Re values its not different to Supra's, dreamers, chancers and a bit of the fact the stock is dwindling and good cars are hard to find. A sorted E39 M5 is a wonderful thing
  4. Engine running, cap off so you can see whats going on. When did it start doing that?
  5. So 700+ actual hp, also torque is more important than the power rating. you might get a single plate that copes with it but more than likely a twin plate
  6. System is A) to full and B) full of air. Jack the front so the wheels are off the ground, go lock to lock a few times, get the air out
  7. Yes, a machine shop will be able to fix it I reckon
  8. I’ve got basically a complete engine minus cams and sump sat in boxes in my unit, crank and rods good, pistons shot and bore damage due to detonation. I planned to get round to it at some time but likelihood is I won’t. What would it be worth?
  9. Good point, check the reservoir first, the filter clogs up with crap.
  10. No idea, sorry, I just know its available
  11. You can rebuild the old one, Toyota sell a kit
  12. Not surprised really given the values of them nowadays
  13. Swampy442

    F1 2021

    Ive said a few times, Max won't win the championship this year because he still has an error in him, 2 DNFs this year, which is entirely possible, is a chunk of points and Lewis/Merc hardly ever make a mistake
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