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  1. I thought that had been covered? Aristo, Supra, Soarer etc
  2. No diff is likely to make the car spin off, thats entirely the drivers doing. A limited slip diff will give more traction to the spinning inside wheel, a locking diff will lock both wheels together. A Supra diff will fit
  3. Looks like a chunk of carbon, maybe burnt oil?
  4. Quite common, over boosting (over speeding) is the general cause. The damage on the intake side, induction kits, bit of crap fell in an open pipe, many reasons
  5. Theres an O ring on the fitting on the PS pump from the res, sometimes fails and can draw in air, but when you put your finger in, it looks normal to me, if there was a lot of air you'd get a lot of pink froth
  6. For a start its to full, have you replaces the O ring on the pipe from the res to the pump?
  7. Just wanted to publicly thank Zelliot for embracing the club spirit, being a good guy helping out another member in need. He answered my call for intercooler brackets, wouldnt take a penny for them and posted them out in double time. Many thanks man, you helped me out of a significant hole
  8. Cant possibly say without seeing them, its all experience. Gentle pressure up and down you should get a small bit of movement, not a lot though. In and out is a sign of worn bearings
  9. A bit of play is normal on stock turbos, in and out play is what you should be concerned about
  10. Ive had a couple of Aristos in the past where the oil filter was relocated behind the bumper with a thermostatic plate, but seems like a lot of trouble and expense to me.
  11. Love these, suit every car, good luck with the sale
  12. Cheers for the thoughts Frank but Ive sourced a set of stock cooler brackets so hopefully, Im sorted
  13. No different to the old Ford market, people pay loads for a scrap shell just for the VIN
  14. I was gong to go the ISF box route a few years ago, with a single turbo it would make a very fast car
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