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  1. 600whp is over 700 actual hp, that needs a big turbo which will be laggy. Why not aim for 550/600 actual hp, minimise the lag but still have a very fast car
  2. Welcome to the club Wheres all the rust then??
  3. Thats definitely not valve clearances, unless one is particularly large, even then doubt it would be that loud
  4. Its virtually impossible to diagnose a noise via a crap video on a car forum. Being sat next to the car and hearing it is the only way to diagnose it. But the frequency and sound does sound just like a bottom end problem to me.
  5. You need to get all the panels off, see how bad the damage is. That has to be the starting point. As we have said, dont underestimate the size of the job or cost.
  6. Trying to install an engine il cooler, planned to put it under the headlight but it interferes with the intercooler pipework. Need some inspiration, show me what you have
  7. Nice looking car mate, good luck
  8. Sounds like you've already made your mind up, just dont underestimate the cost. Come to a figure, double it and add 10%
  9. The drivers wing is the very least of your problems
  10. By the time you've rebuilt this, you'd have been better off just buying a car. Front end is seriously twisted, will definitely need jigging, if it can even be recovered. Was it recorded?
  11. Same guy selling the foot rest for 60 euros?
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