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  1. I was on the right side of it by a few months with an August '96 by the looks!
  2. Facelift SZ-R's are V161. Pre-facelift SZ-R's are just W58 5 speeds
  3. That's a steal at that price. GLWS
  4. Looks great, hopefully Walton have addressed the fitment issues with these now as it looks great. Any reason behind the change from twinscroll to single?
  5. Style

    F1 2021

    So happy to see Danny get the win yesterday and it's great to see a McLaren 1/2. George in the points yet again as well. As for the elephant in the room, Max at fault for me so a correct decision to penalise him. I don't think Red Bull are complaining about it either, if Christian Horner is calling it a racing incident then it's fair to say they know fine well who's at fault too. Lewis was ahead and always leaving space so he can't be called out for anything really imo
  6. Just to add some info on Paul @ TCB. If I recall correctly, he lost his old man this year who helped him out with the business a lot. I don't think there's any lack of enthusiasm with Paul, he's just that snowed under which obviously doesn't help anyone here. But I believe he's doing as much as he can. EDIT: Paul himself also thought he had a stroke last month but it turned out to be Bells Palsy. So he's also recovering from that himself
  7. Style

    F1 2021

    I think all arguments against the use of the Halo went out the window the moment Grosjean jumped out of his fireball car in Bahrain. Same thoughts as everyone else really. Shocking that they held a 2 lap procession in order to justify a 'race' but apparently the ruling on this is being looked at and potentially changed in the future. I would say at the very least, it should be amended to genuine racing (not behind a safety car) and minimum 25% distance before they can call it a race and award points. I'll bet George is chuffed with both quali and a P2 finish with points, but deep do
  8. Ive been using a HEL one for over a year now and same as Mike, no issues
  9. There’s a few builds on here that have had their pre-facelift odometers reset to 0 so I reckon people will just take that approach if they really want to
  10. If your car is an import, there’s a chance it’s been clocked already in Japan. A lot of them seemed to be freshly imported with a believable 60k on them back in the day
  11. He's had a lot of stick on Facebook about it, especially from UK based owners from what I can see. Maybe things work differently across the pond but literally everything is there and documented for the world to see. Some of them even have pictures with uncensored number plates! Madness if you ask me
  12. Yeah pretty much, just abstracts from the conference that have been arranged to suit
  13. Nicely done and good find. It's the same guy who's trying to gather everyone's VIN plates and model details in to a big registry. Wasn't sure how I felt about that but the killer for me was running raffles on the Facebook page and calling them 'waffles' like he's Elmer Fudd or something...makes my eyeballs itch
  14. That's the T56 'Magnum' which is also what Fosta had in his. It's an uprated version of the T56 which has been pulled apart and put back together again so it's naturally going to make a few additional noises. I've heard that the Magnums are good for serious racing and not advised for the streets really as they feel terrible unless your rowing gears like a mu'fucker. The T56 is a generic GM manual box that's factory fitted to all sorts of cars. Aston Martin Vantage & Vanquish, Vipers, Corvettes and Mustangs to name a few. So they can't be thaaaaat bad surely (I've no experience with th
  15. It seems to have been very strongly (and potentially wrongly) worded to try and create a reaction. That short video has Brad Hazzard saying that the opportunity should be taken which would suggest it's optional. It also sounds like they're going to be bussed off to this stadium during school hours and bussed back again in order to vaccinate those willing as quickly and efficiently as possible. I never had my mum holding my hand when I got my jabs in high school. Call me an optimist, but it just looks to be propaganda / a news outlet drumming up clicks to me. I've got in-laws on the e
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