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  1. Good stuff. I still need to check mine but very promising to know that it's something simple
  2. Part number seems to be 16715-46010 which is a little bracket that connects the shroud to the rad at the top corner on the drivers side. The accompanying bolts would be nice too if anyone has them Cheers
  3. 100deg is fine. I was reaching 130 on the motorway before tripping the limit set on my gauge That soon prompted an oil cooler purchase and temps hover aroundn 95deg as well now
  4. With the same budget and goals id do it again, yeah. What’s your end goal? Obviously the higher the better, but you’d be talking 625+ head studs and all that jazz to keep the head in place once you start going for high boost.
  5. I went for 9:1 Manley pistons and fitted a TT gasket after working out I should be at around 9:1 Car does feel a little more sluggish off boost which backs up that theory.
  6. It's a tricky one IMO. BTC has been moving sideways for a while now and as a result, some of the moving averages caught up to it. So it was due a move either way. So far it's broken down past the 20, 50 and 100 day moving average with the 200 day looking like the most logical one next. That's away down at $38.9k. In terms of weekly averages, we're still above the bull market support band but it's been a looooong time since we've been anywhere near it. Ideally we'll stay above it, currently at $48.5k. Bullish scenario is to bounce around here for a bit and then continue up. Beari
  7. Style

    Ultra Marathons

    I used to work with an ultra runner. Would come in on Monday morning and tell me he ran 85 miles on the Saturday I literally couldn't think of anything worse than running as I don't have the brain for it. Like the guys say above, it all seems to be about mindset and I just can't get my brain to concentrate on anything other than the fact I'm buckled and still trying to move forward. Do love a good adventure on my bike though. Easier to keep moving a take a breather every now and again
  8. There's some sort of trader on that page from mainland Europe somewhere selling all sorts of bits and bobs for ridiculous prices. Never states prices and always asks to PM for the price. Does my head in. Had a pair of A-pillar trim pieces for sale and wanted 160 EUR plus postage for them. I told him to jog on at that price and got one for 35 bucks a day or two later.
  9. Good spot, I was putting it down to being on Robinhood and new investors just jumping into the cheaper Ethereum coin AVAX another one looking at potentially breaking out. Had a huge blow off top in February and has been moving sideways ever since. It's riding it's bull market support band and looks similar to ETH and ADA before their recent moves up.
  10. Bit more than that for a few coins now over the last 24hrs. DOGE continues to blow my mind and I'm wondering if ETC has risen due to new investors mistaking it for ETH. Looks like EOS had a fakeout but has decided to try against BTC once more. Let's see where this one goes but looking promising
  11. Looks like WayneW has done this. Maybe worth dropping him a PM?
  12. I'll check those things out on mine, thanks. I just find it weird that it literally goes from coldest at the lowest setting to as hot as possible one click up. Never really bothered me too much but always good to get to the bottom of it
  13. My car does this too and I've never really bothered trying to track down the cause as I'm terrified it'll be the heater matrix. Not a small job and all replacements seem to be pretty rubbish
  14. thanks dude, fingers crossed
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