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F1 2022!!!!!


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Quite enjoying the visual differences in all the cars, gives a few hints that some of the designs are drastically different! The Williams is looking pretty unique for example. They must've moved all sorts of components around to make it that skinny/bare looking at the back.

Just hoping we don't have a 2009 style season where someone shows up with an OP car and nukes the field

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11 hours ago, Swampy442 said:

Next hurdle to overcome is Mazepin, British GP has already stopped him racing, Haas have kicked his dad's sponsorship, who reckons he'll be banned this season?

He can just obtain his super license from a different country to get around the British ban I believe. As long as his Dad is at least funding the team (which I believe he still is. They've just ditched the advertisement), he won't be going anywhere.


Good to see that F1 actually went ahead and terminated the Sochi GP contract in the end. Initially it was just subject to the state of affairs when the race date came around but it's now off the table.

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Anyone seen Merc's upgrade? They seem to have been able to pack the radiators either elsewhere or at a clever enough angle to allow them to pretty much remove their sidepods altogether. Genius


Horner seems to be raging which is always nice to hear 😄 

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