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  1. Another rare item - Good luck with the sale.
  2. Looking much better after that mop. Cant wait to see the garage either - Always a nice home addition.
  3. Found now - Thread can be closed.
  4. Welcome back Jamie - Nice project! Looking forward to updates.
  5. Thanks for the reply - My intentions are the same, save ECU outputs to drive other items. Dave_Batch Are you able to PM me a Ford part number or a link? Plus I have some general questions.
  6. Does anyone have experience with a simple two wire IACV for the supra? I see some people run a ford part, anyone got any infomation on this?
  7. I will take the 'TPS sensor and the Bosch knock sensors' you have a PM
  8. Item:- Custom cam cover plate. I had a few different styles made for my build, but I have now decided to go down the route of smart coils (which will be positioned on top of the engine) so I no longer need these. At the time with material and machine costs it was better value to make a batch order, plus I wanted different options to pick from. I had a few different styles made (see picture) custom made aluminum, so ideal for polishing or painting. They come in a raw aluminum finish. They are designed to sit a few millimeters above the stock cam covers to allow air to circulate, and to cle
  9. Does anyone have a working Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) going spare?
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