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  1. The same can be said for the original mini coopers - Its all about the VIN
  2. Does anyone have the 2x OEM rubber isolators that go on the top two radiator brackets? I have some aftermarket billet brackets but I need the two rubber parts. Must be in good condition.
  3. Did you make custom wheel arch liners, or just use the stock ones? I ask as I wonder if there would be a gap when extending/widening the stock arches.
  4. Mugello

    SRD Radiator Plate

    Hi Lee, (Following on from the above) I think your inbox is still full / full again.
  5. Mugello

    SRD Radiator Plate

    Hi Lee, I think your inbox is full? Please can I get a polished one posted. Thanks Moo.
  6. For Sale is a used 'Samsung S9 64GB' in Midnight Black. In good but used condition, it has some minor marks on the back and edges as pictured but nothing that affects the working of the phone. There is a very small mark on the touch screen (very hard to picture but I have tried) again this does not affects the working of the phone. The phone has always been kept in a case. No case included. Comes with original box. No charger or headphones included. Selling as I have recently upgraded. I have done a 'factory reset' of the phone wiping all personal data and apps. Lookin
  7. Mugello

    Ultra Marathons

    That's true. The longest I had done in my 'training' before hand was 5K - So I was not expecting much. Took me just over 2 hours for the half marathon. 17 Miles in one weekend is a great effort!
  8. I noticed this, seems a bit odd for a car with such a 'careful' history - "kept in storage and barely driven"
  9. Mugello

    Ultra Marathons

    I did a half marathon once - Then I discovered running is not for me.
  10. Nice work. Both the garage and the cars look great!
  11. Its worth always paying for items online via a credit card where possible to give you some protection. Although I believe there is a minimum - maximum amount for this to be triggered? Having said that, I always forget to use a credit card!
  12. Amayama have always been good for me, but my last order was late last year.
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