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  1. Good work - I have seen worse skills from mechanics with 11 years’ experience.
  2. Was a great race - Really has set this season up to be something special. Mercedes to win Constructors Champ. Max to win Championship?
  3. Will need to check, but I think I have these.
  4. Loving the colour, can't wait to see more updates.
  5. FOR SALE:- SRD billet reverse lifter which replaces the plastic unit on the gear shifter. CONDITION:- In 'like new' condition' never been fitted to a car. Easy to fit if you have basic skills, you just need a 4mm punch to knock out the retaining pin. Cost £40 new plus postage. PRICE:- Asking £37 posted within main land UK.
  6. Interesting reading, I have not seen this before. Mine started life as an N/A Auto (SZ JDM) in 202 black.
  7. Great work Peter, its looking awesome - I love all the carbon parts.
  8. I'm not surprised, this is now a great base for a big build - Credit to you Mr P.
  9. Loving this car already - Great work!
  10. Still have these if anyone is interested?
  11. Agreed for your power level, I would go with a new stock item.
  12. Another rare item - Good luck with the sale.
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