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1996 Aerotop TT Auto RSP new Mot ready for spring! New pictures


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Model: Aerotop, Twin turbo Automatic.


Facelift: some bits

Mileage: 55k miles

MOT remaining: January 2022

Car's location: Faverhsam kent 


Wheels, suspenion new front Zun sport grilles.

Good bits: all of it

Bad bits: One stone chip repair to front bumper and wing. Very small less then 7mm diameter

PRICE 40kIMG_20220126_113747.thumb.jpg.6a5915e3d48f026819dcfcc8643df4c6.jpg


Full restoration last year, all nuts and bolts are clean or new. underside is as clean as you will ever find. last 2 garages are amazed at the condition. that being the cleanest they have seen.

Chassis has 54000miles on it, originally like most being a NA auto, this was converted last year into a Twin turbo.

Engine was from a mkiv supra, circa 100k mils, no smoke or issues, pulls amazingly well.

gearbox was from a low mileage car

Twin turbo set up was from a 50k Aristio.

resprayed in RSP.

Interior is standard cloth, no holes or dash issue.

everything works as it should, AC works could probably do with a regas or top up however still works.

Brandnew KHS hypermax shocks sub 200miles.

New custom wheels 18inch, 11.5inch rear, 10inch fronts on new AR1 semi slick tryes, less then 150miles.

exhaust hks, nice and sensible.

zun sport front grilles

new Aerotop seals.

e43e889a-8fad-4ac3-aa6c-3e7212bdf88b (1).jpg
















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2 hours ago, Hitbox Junkie said:

Looks a lovely car but I'd say its priced to high. That's just my opinion having seen the market but that's just advertised prices not sure on what the cars actually sale for in today's market

I am going to be on the hunt for a supra again but this is priced out of my budget unfortunately.

Be careful saying that round here, you'll get lynched!

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Hi all still for sale, however ive not really bothered other than here facebook and a unlimited time add on autotrader. Silverstone auctions reached out to me which i may take up in the new year. 

Ive had a few offers between 30 and 36k but i keep thinking about keeping as prices are only going one way. But i will need the funds at some point. 

The car is truly immaculate and anyone at the 1st GT tuners club will be able to vouch for this fact,(think a few went from here) 


Price is higher then the average car for sure buts its a low mileage chassis being 54k miles. This has everything new or refurbished to better than oem condition.

I tend not to use it and havent other then one event to ascot with 40 or so other supras. Its currently sorn, mot due in the new year and not available until then as the storage company is closed until new year. 

Thinking about some new seats for this. IMG-20211223-WA0001.thumb.jpg.c5b1b45c8f11f289c66ef9d0f3729a21.jpg

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Beautiful car but ric is right, top dollar is being paid for stock, vin matching cars, not saying its not been done to a very high standard but at the end of the day it's collectors paying the big bucks for these now and they want cars that left the factory as they were.

35k seems reasonable though

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MKIV's fall outside of classic car rules like VIN's matching. Of course very rare, extremely low miles, stock examples are going for silly money, but generally the MKIV is seen and desired for its status as a tuner car.

Being a RHD aerotop, engine or trans swaps aren't uncommon for the desired preference. Given that many highly priced MKIV's are colour changed, I also don't see the non-original paint being an issue. 

Sure, it won't fetch what an original RSP would, but that doesn't mean it should be valued less than a desirable colour swapped car. 


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Fair points guys regarding original spec of the car, something personally i dont care about but obviously does to some/many. The condition far out weighs what it started life as for me. 


Will bare in mind, part of me wants to keep as i no ill never find one in this condition again, however building a mr2 widebody with a 2jz vvti 6 speed manual in the back with a g35 1050 turbo strapped to it, i cant really see it being used, unless i take the family out. 





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