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  1. Hi Dave, apologies for the short notice but I won't be able to attend today. GT
  2. I haven't. But I have seen the number of cases vs deaths graphs and that does show a vast improvement
  3. People not vaccinated should pay for their treatment if they get covid, end of. I have one such member in the family that think is correct to blatantly disregard covid measures and refused to get vaccinated. Is it wrong to wish people like that get covid?
  4. Nice to meet some of you yesterday, mine is the one in the middle. Taking photos is not my forte.
  5. New Genuine Toyota JZA80 N.S Window Regulator & Motor. Bought from Paul at TCB, no longer needed. £260.00gbp shipped to mainland UK. PayPal fees on top.
  6. It is new, bought from Keron a while back and didn't get to replace the old one before I sold the car. £50 shipped in mainland UK. Paying by PayPal then fees on top
  7. Good luck with the sale. You can and should possibly ask for more.
  8. Guys, sorry for my English first. Secondly, the copper contact ring that connects to the bulb socket is almost gone as you can see in the photo. What can I do to improve or fix the contact so the bulb works?
  9. Amazing work and effort
  10. You would have to be too cheap to do only one side honestly.
  11. It was talked about in another thread. Doesn't look like a good one. Tail lights are different
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