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  1. Replied Sorry, thought i put that in! Items located in aberdeen. Post now edited! Relied
  2. Needing the space in my unit so all this has to go now! Ideally collection on the items as don’t have the time/material to wrap and wait for a courier! items are located just outside Aberdeen! Jspec bonnet with GS300 washers. Has some storage marks as shown Price - £300 HKS hi power system in good condition - 3.75” £550 various OEM Parts from TT engine bay and other parts £500 for all of it (2 maybe 3 boxes full)
  3. The colour is actually called dark green, it’s such a weird but stunning colour and hard to think it’s a factory option haha. Hopefully get to catch up with you next year dude
  4. I ran AD08R’s on the supra’s and can’t fault them This chart might help as well for Sizes
  5. Some other pics to try get the colour also had the car out after adjusting the rear coilovers slightly
  6. Thanks bud Thanks dude, yeah the wheels finish it perfect imho
  7. And just like that It’s now finished and been collected! It came out better than I imagined and looks incredible a couple of before and after comparison from when I got it a few months ago
  8. Might as well keep this updated since I’ve started the thread. Yesterday took delivery of the Enkei’s from torque GT and they’re even better in person hoping to have the car back next weekend and see how it’s all come together! Still got a few minor things to do on the inside but nothing serious
  9. Hi Drift, The car was colour changed when new at the first owners request prior to delivery. registration cert shows it as Yellow when first registered.

    1. drift_bear


      That’s awesome! You’ve got yourself a very very rare car there that’s for sure! 

    2. Mark Carter

      Mark Carter

      Thanks Buddy, I'm new on this site so it was good to get some positive feed back

  10. drift_bear


    The unicorn that is a DJG uk spec has only been talked about and never seen iirc. People often mistake Baltic (storm) blue as DJG so has it actually been verified as DJG? im pretty sure this would be a respray and not a genuine yellow uk spec, don’t even think the uk market had that as a special order colour option
  11. A bit more progress It’s still to get a final polish, body kit painted and then back together. Should be mid/end of the week before it’s ready IMG_6050.mov
  12. Popped down today to drop off the replacement headlight as the one on just now has a crack on it (previous owner). The car is all prepped and will get some colour on it next week and the kit has been adjusted and fitment issues all sorted and will be in for paint next week as well hopefully shouldn’t be much longer and then it’s back together and home! Also pulled the trigger and bought new wheels, so hopefully they arrive in the next couple of weeks as well and then the car will be finished
  13. Lovely looking car! Don’t suppose you wanna sell the blitz wheels do you
  14. I paid £50 delivered for it, so if I can get that for it then I’ll be happy. Can get it boxed up and sent away this week hopefully
  15. I’ve got an auto lever set up sitting in my unit that’s been modified to take a manual gear knob. I don’t have a supra anymore so if you’re interested, I bought it from mk4Gaz about 7/8 months ago and it’s sat in my unit since
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