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  1. Popped down today to drop off the replacement headlight as the one on just now has a crack on it (previous owner). The car is all prepped and will get some colour on it next week and the kit has been adjusted and fitment issues all sorted and will be in for paint next week as well 😎 hopefully shouldn’t be much longer and then it’s back together and home! Also pulled the trigger and bought new wheels, so hopefully they arrive in the next couple of weeks as well and then the car will be finished 👌🏻
  2. Lovely looking car! Don’t suppose you wanna sell the blitz wheels do you 😇
  3. I paid £50 delivered for it, so if I can get that for it then I’ll be happy. Can get it boxed up and sent away this week hopefully
  4. I’ve got an auto lever set up sitting in my unit that’s been modified to take a manual gear knob. I don’t have a supra anymore so if you’re interested, I bought it from mk4Gaz about 7/8 months ago and it’s sat in my unit since
  5. 😂😂 that is subtle for me
  6. Got along to the body shop today and seen how the kit was looking on the car, didn’t expect it to sit so low now 🙈😂 should have some more updates over the next few days/couple of weeks
  7. Adam, honestly I’ve not been happier! I’ve used it more since getting it than the last year of supra ownership. It’s such a good car to drive and puts a smile on my face every time. Prices are starting to rise pretty quick as well on these so if he’s considering one then nows the time to pull the trigger
  8. Haha nah I’ll leave that to you supra owners these days I’m just going for a subtle change for once 😂
  9. The fact it was a rare colour helped, yes. Also factor in the low mileage and the rate parts it had on it... anything else you want to try and pick at? It’s not really valid to the OP what I sold a car for is it?
  10. I’ve always had a soft spot for these so had to get one. Nah I don’t think I’ll get an aristo but you never know really. Tbh the plans aren’t anything exciting for once, just use it and enjoy it! It’s got no intention of being a garage queen like the supra was, I’ll still limit the use during winter but it won’t be off the road completely 😎
  11. Mine sold for £23k for the simple reason it wasn’t the basic TT auto, the rarity factor helped mine. I’ve seen a few for around the £15-£16k mark before I came off Facebook a few weeks ago
  12. Nice to log back on and see the upgrades 😎 I think it’s going to take a while to get used to in terms of navigating through!
  13. Nice to see new members still getting the same warm welcome as before 🙄 Coming from an R32 as SPG mentioned you’d be looking for a TT ideally. With your £14k budget you’re looking at a very rough TT auto these days, there are still bargains to be found but you really need to be patient and be prepared to buy straight away. until then have a read up in the information on here and get yourself clued up in what to look out for and etc when buying. good luck with the search 😎
  14. Moving on to the more mechanical side do things I took the car over to Jonny Mac’s who’s a local JZ guru these days and he set about sorting the coil packs, timing belt and gaskets...unknown to us (or the previous owners) the exhaust side rocker cover had cracked and snapped due to being over tightened by someone else, so that led to an oil leak over time. once the timing belt and coil pack clips were done we noticed that it used to get a misfire on boost, so to cut a long story short we eventually just replaced the full ignition system :- Brand new coil packs Brand new coil p
  15. Hey guys, i know some of you already know what I’ve been up to since selling up (again) a few months ago, but thought I would create a thread just for others to have a look and see what I’m up to. so after I sold the supra the hunt began for the replacement, I knew it had to still be RWD and still have a good platform to work with. So I set about searching for another car that I had always wanted, a JZX100 Chaser! Luckily I found one relatively local to me that I had seen around but never knew who owned it, suddenly it pops up for sale just as I’m in the market for one! Some in
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