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  1. So decided to take her out from her winter slumber today just get her nice and hot, poodle round and come home. Under the frost i found this. Nice new windscreen incoming. I will see if they will back off when its out so i can seal the offending foam showing at the front of the dash.
  2. Will a 1jz swap work out better?
  3. You need them to bend slighly, I bounced mine a few times
  4. Ok heres the deal i will use this stuff and if i get over spray and turn the mrs white mini black i will blame you guys. I think this sounds more than fair
  5. Is this a black spray paint? would i have to tape up or remove all the trim? There is a shed ton of it to do if so.
  6. As above please. The Mrs has a R52 mini and its black trim is a nice shade of gray and white. I have used some bog standard stuff and it fades after about a week. Whats the best stuff to make it stay black? Thanks
  7. Ive been rumbled.........................I found loads of old supra pictures on Mrs Facebook, must have been before i got an account. Have another one to make up for it
  8. Mine? did i not add it? I try to forget about owning her due to the amount of money she would be worth now. Standard TT Auto, cream. Went to live in France 9 February 2009
  9. The trick, a slight bend is enough to stop them falling. many thanks
  10. Anyone still around and own the same car?
  11. Mine are shot zero to lose by trying this
  12. Hmm i wouldnt take that at face value seeing their efforts to make facelift engine mounts and the resulting issues
  13. No one from kent should be going we are firmly locked in tier 3
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