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  1. Your all missing out. I have many “speed holes” cut into my supra. For good measure my whole kit is blended in. If I ever sell it good luck to the brave fool attempting to put it back to stock
  2. Hmm maybe worth buying two then
  3. I wonder if they are that much different that one side will actually fit both
  4. While changing out the fronts the other day, I decided to see how much rear ones are... The seem to be discontinued! Mine are in decent shape but sooner or later someones going to have a major issue. Has anyone found a way to rebuild them?
  5. To decimate all you will need to put about fifteen grand in it or more. (this was 2001 prices since then you will need alot more to decimate a ford focus) My advise is to use the money to buy ashtrays and seat motors. Probably pay for a house in few years time using them.
  6. Other wise known as losing my shit coz the seat back on the new base is Fubar, only to work out it was unplugged.
  7. Busy day today @mwilkinson kindly offered to come over (2 hour drive) to help with aero seals and seat swap and to remove and replace the front aero bolts along with fitting a new armrest glove box All went to plan and everything is installed. Would have taken me an age with matts help I now have a working seat and hopefully non drip aero.
  8. Yes indeed, kinda trd style bonnet, but the wings are nearly spot on
  9. Got the fan, super quick well packaged
  10. Just my taste but id rid the front bumper of the orange bits get some clear ones, facelift the headlights and maybe if it comes off do the spoiler blade black. Again just my 2 cents. probably shouldnt listen to me as i took a dremmel to my bonnet and wings....
  11. The more i read the more i short changed my agreed at 24k. I will see if flux will push 30 whens its due. The mrs modded mini is with Lancaster so i will give them a shout to
  12. Can you put a bit of Japanese gum or a coin under the carpet? Just so if you sell it, the new owners mind will be blown.
  13. This is bothering me slightly, i had a standing ovation from 4 lads at the garage the other day. Ive also come back to the car and had people taking photos of it. Worst of all i had an army of asian students photo me to death in Canterbury. I dont like the attention at all
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