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  1. Is it a n/a tt convert? If so the trac light will blink as it’s looking for the traction control ecu that isn’t there.
  2. I should have sued robd for fucking up my car and returning it with its head gasket on back to front. He closed up change his number and I think moved
  3. Only just seen this thread. Nice to see another Aero getting worked on. I will be doing my aero seal swap soon to.
  4. The only other reason is if they needed to do a brake test and were worried by wheels/ body kit on the rollers. Or its as rider says joy ride time. I would be asking them why for sure.
  5. Your far enough away to allow another Grigio supra. If i ever got another project car that required a re spray i would use it again.
  6. Part worn, what ever make is in........traction is for wimps......
  7. I also got my two bucket detailing kit and snow foam on the go
  8. Dug out my old mats and cleaned them, got some new badges and res installed them
  9. The Mrs seeing me put 25 year old mats that had been stored in a heap in a barn for 10 years in the machine would be priceless, However the jetwash on high did the trick. @mwilkinson I got the ones from the old group buy
  10. I had to laugh at matt while he’s rebuilding sub frames, I jet washed my old pure sport mats and put new decals on them
  11. Love this madness. The hvac rebuild is great.
  12. This bodes well if flux are happy to to except 40k supras they should be more than happy that i asked 25. And more than makes my mind up to up it to 30 ish next year
  13. Im still waiting on flux for my 25k agreed. Its due in October, think i will try and push it to 28 then.
  14. Facebook selling group. A stock 3 spoke non airbag wheel is up for sale $700
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