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  1. I removed this years ago and its been sat in my garage ever since, £150 collected? I will dig it out and take more photos if anyone is interested Fits front mounting fine rear will have to be bonded on as the holes dont line up.
  2. Got some new trd wheel centres on today
  3. So I am amused today... having had no power mirrors for two years I had accepted that my dash loom swap was the issue and that I had probably missed a connection. I had thought of leaving it but my ocd got the better of me and having found the wiring diagram I set out to solve it... Only to find....... no fuse......lord knows where it went or why I certainly wouldn’t have taken it out and not replaced it.... but what ever the reason was I now have power mirrors back... Here’s a nice picture of the car to celebrate my dumbness
  4. Can you keep us up to date with the rough end price if you don’t mind? Helps everyone with agreed value and idea on market value
  5. Coming from someone that was disowned when I first got my aero top for its stickers, I don’t hate this car. I think it’s just mad enough to be cool. on a different note I must have been in a coma as I never noticed this thread or the resulting program..
  6. I got no idea anymore, I was asked to sell mine via Facebook, sent him the whole build thread ie rebuilt engine full respray every thing ever done to it in 12 years. Said I wanted 25k and was never spoken to again.
  7. Just put my agreed value in with Flux. Im asking for 25k. I added full photo documents of all the work ive done from my build thread. Will report back how i get on
  8. I have found a few annoying stone chips that i am going to get sorted. Summer jobs. Replace aero seals. Mod or replace the roofs parking lock as its rounded off. Replace the front 2 aero roof screws. Replace seat motor. Attempt to regas AC And try and find out why my mirrors dont work. (I know this is to do with my dash loom swap........so im thinking i missed a connector) i have no idea where they are and to be honest im not going to take the dash out again to find it seeing as only i drive the car i have them where i want them. DONE 11/04/21....it had no f
  9. Various topics on this are in the insurance sub section. I think nearly all of us agree that getting one of the companies listed above to insure with agreed value is the way to go. Also we love pics of uk specs
  10. I have a leather drivers seat with fubar motor. I have a cloth seat with a decent working one. Any one have any idea how the frames connect? Or a how to swap the frames over?
  11. All fitted up looks nice and sounds great
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