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  1. Put the part number into https://www.amayama.com/en Pretty easy way to see.
  2. Ric


    Just gone with Reis.
  3. Whifbitz carbon items has always been great for me. If you get it and it sucks, return it.
  4. Reis is new for me. Im currently with Footman James. I just sent all the information i have in my "document" Pictures, Values, Receipts etc. Footman James gave a good renewal price but the whole agreed value (when starting the policy) was such a farce. I don't want to deal with it again if i request to put it up there.
  5. Alright guys. Hope everybody is doing well, I've just spent the last few hours going through my whole thread and removing the duplicated pictures i think occurred with the forum upgrade so it should be easier to read now. Nothing really to update on the project. But I've just had my agreed value re-looked at and now insured for £35k with everything declared with Reis Motorsport £490 so happy with that. Looking forward to getting the car back on the road ready for a more relaxed summer (fingers crossed) I've got a few niggles to sort when im next workin
  6. The image says it, i think it's enough.
  7. My plastic covers in the door were missing/ripped at the time. I didn't like the idea of the speakers getting water over them, Or the MDF brackets getting soggy. So i bought new door plastics and put in the original pods. I think the bass benefited slightly from it. But i never really have it mega loud anyway.
  8. There is a cross over unit behind the door panel. Comes with most component sets. I originally fitted larger speakers with SRD's brackets. But changed back to the OEM GZ pods and just changed to smaller Hertz speakers with TB Development brackets.
  9. It's a bit daunting cutting a hole in your door panels. But overall not that bad. mine came with some clips to hold them in plus a lot of hot glue just incase. The pillar pod im not sure. i think i bought it on here probably 4 years ago. Fits nice, Fiberglass with the texture on it. I had to trim the piece at the top as it went above the door like it does on the hard tops. Mine been aero it needed a trim.
  10. Just sharing a new pic from the car. Nothing really has changed, It's not being driven because of everything going on. I did manage to pull it out of the garage for a quick dust down. The interior still gives me a smile.
  11. Looking good dude. Let us know how you get on with the carbon scuttle panel. I was wanting one for mine but was worried that no vents in it would strangle the climate fan as his is where it sucks from.
  12. Make sure the vents on the back of the light are clear. You can't seal it fully up.
  13. I struggled to even find a colour code 575. But it turns out it's a pre-production supra colour never released on the retail Supra. It should be a Yellow'y colour. Not the green shown.
  14. I believe the GZ stopped at 1994/95 All the facelifts were SZs. I could be wrong though.
  15. Hi Guys, Just seen this post on facebook and thought i'd share here. Quite interesting to see how rare the GZ aerotop actually is, i knew it was but never how rare. Given that there was only 354 GZ built makes the RHD GZ Aero a rare bird. Who has the 575?
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