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  1. Only engines which are direct injection (not over the valves) get much benefit from this i thought? The Audi 4.2 FSI engines had massive issues with carbon build up as the fuel didn't "wash" over the valves. I wouldn't have thought the 2JZ had these issues?
  2. I think the only time this is OK is if your odometer breaks and you replace it for a new one and correct it to the original mileage.
  3. I've also paid and confirmed the mollys hotel. Will arrange the friday one at some point.
  4. It's an LED bulb. Most have large Heatsinks or fans on the back of them to keep them cool.
  5. I contacted this guy to ask seeing that people seem to think they'd be printed with toothpaste. He uses ABS & ABS+
  6. Im sure somebody who has taken all this time to design the parts, finesse and print them is not using PLA what deforms well before the cabin temp inside a supra in the sun.
  7. Somebody at a Mustang meet last year genuinely offered me 40k for mine. Although i never want to sell the car it made me think. I reckon if he offered 45k i'd have seriously considered it. I had to sell my previous 2 supras due to circumstances. Ideally now i'd keep mine forever.
  8. I used driftworks without problem for my works
  9. It's something the guy should openly say it shouldn't be a secret if you ask.
  10. Ric

    Audi Q7

    My missus had a 67 Q5. We recently started having gearbox issues. Almost felt like a wheel spinning judder when pulling away. Swiftly traded in for something else.
  11. Only PLA has these issues. I expect these are printed with ABS or some other tough material PETG perhaps.
  12. Ric

    Likwid art

    The owner died but i believe the business is still trading https://www.facebook.com/Likwidart.UK/
  13. The oil seals for the cam covers can leak on the 6th cylinder. Perhaps the spark plug well is full of oil or it's getting into the cylinder. Im sure you'd have noticed that when removing the plugs mind. Could be a dead injector.
  14. You sure you don't want £50 each?
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