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  1. I am guessing single turbo 5 speed
  2. South, Bournemouth, no supra but looking for another.
  3. Not sure which one this was? I sold mine which I regret, but at the time it was the correct thing to do, hynsite though. I have cash waiting for the right car.
  4. One reason I haven't messaged I've got a good budget but wouldn't be able to stretch to your price or anything above 25k which I why I haven't entertained it. Seen the car in ebay again and checked the forum glad it's a forum car. Glws If my budget increases and its still for sale may be interested but feel free to message. I'm in no rush to buy and being picky I just also cant decided what route to take Glws
  5. Go through SRD I am going to do this once I find a car. Costs will depend on exchange rate too.
  6. Looking for another supra I have a budget of 12k but can stretch a small amount if the right car comes along. Criteria is that it needs to have an mot and be able to drive but would like a aero top preferably but I'm not fussy Budget up to 12k cash Private messages or thread reply welcome Kind regards Ant
  7. Depends on budget. But maybe a TT auto or na manual/Auto as doubt have the budget to go TT6 if you want to PM me what you've got and cost Il get back. Wont be doing anything till.after this virus stuff as need to stay safe and isolated also work is busier than ever.
  8. Car has been sold. A sad day but its gone to someone who is going to look after her, has friends on the forum and it will have some big changes planned for her. I look forward to seeing the changes made. I will eventually be back in a supra or at least get a shell and build one back up but for now I will be going for property and then I will look into another car and look into getting another supra.
  9. May not have been anyone on here as its youtube and there Are plenty of jealous people on there. Should have said it was a private road. Great video though
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