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  1. Funny you should say that. Got refunded this morning so back on the hunt for these.
  2. Thanks order front and rears. No idea on delivery dates yet.
  3. Just a quick Google search came up with loads ranging from £223 each. Are the ones listed correct?
  4. Great thanks. I think mine will end up wet 45 ish once I add a spacer. But that's for later. What brakes could you run on the set up you had.
  5. Thanks guys If shocks need to change then oh well haha. What Et were the ccw? So I'm planing Rears 11.5 with et 50/55 just working out the final measurements. Fronts. 10inch is Et35 roughly, Will be running a spacer to clear a brake conversion later on.
  6. Hi Getting some wheels made and planning the trye side of things. What's people's recommendations. Looking at 315, either 30 or 35 side wall unsure as yet. Stock body, yellow billies so not lowered. Looking at semi slick as it's dry use only. R888R are only available from the USA as far as I can tell. Any other personal opinions on which to go for.
  7. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has the information on how much closer to the inside spoke the UK specs brakes are over the jap spec. Need to check wheel clearance. Jap spec are about 8mm clear currently however getting wheels built so can counter the upgrade options going forward.
  8. Sterns 3 Piece splits. Porche wheels. Need to step up twice and build the correct off sets. Sadly not had chance to do so yet.
  9. Been so busy, not even driven it yet since driving it home. New areo top seals done, TCB parts New zun sport grilles Picture of the Wheels I'm planning on building Other than that I need to get it mot done but no rush
  10. Great stuff Mike. Really good information. What's next!
  11. Good to see you managed to keep the car with everything going on. Going to have a read through as like your title suggests paddle shift is something I'm looking at doing, exciting times as there are a few kits up and coming with various speed boxes.
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