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  1. Still for sale. Any more info just ask. Im able to put the oem billies on and standard 17inch wheels. If this helps financially.
  2. yeah just looked at the video, defiantly vvti. this set up is using the bigger AR also compared to mine.
  3. Hi Im mid mr2 project with a 3.0gte vvti, garret g35 1050 turbo set up. Im struggling to find any dyno plots out there. ive found the attached picture. ideally I'm interested in when the boost is made, as in say 1 bar/ equivalent PSI. the dyno picture attached starts at 3k rpm which doesn't show the full picture. Does anyone have any graphs of this set up. event just the non vvti will be helpful. comments on the page Dylan says, “turbo testing has been fun with this 2jz power plant. First, we tried the G35-1050 1.21 A/R exhaust housing and at 8000 RPM i
  4. Thanks mate, these are supra fitment 9 fronts 10 rears. Ill try to keep hold for my current project, 2jz vvti mr2, g35 1050 turbo. Also going to be a widebody.
  5. As per my supra. Land and office to buy so selling the cars. 16k with bss lm wheels 14k with the rotors. Hi welcome to the listing of my TRD widebody Rev 3 Turbo. Great condition. body kit fits well, everyone tells me its an amazing looking car I personally love it, however I have bigger plans going forward explained below. originally red, the car prior to the body kit was immaculate, genuine Rev 3 turbo, circa 75k miles. engine bay has been refreshed, chrome lid with dual fans. wheels are genuine BBS lm, Supra fitment extremely
  6. Opportunity to buy land and a office next to our current house has come up so selling both my cars, this and my wide body mr2 Model: Aerotop, Twin turbo Automatic. Year:1996 Facelift: some bits Mileage: 54k miles MOT remaining: January 2022 Car's location: storage in Whitstable, kent Modifications: Wheels, suspenion new front Zun sport grilles. Good bits: all of it Bad bits: One stone chip repair to front bumper and wing. Very small less then 7mm diameter PRICE 40k As it is, 35k with OEM 17s and yellow billies. Full restoration
  7. Twin turbo auto, was origonal a NA 54k miles on the chassis 100k miles on the engine 50k miles on turbos auto box shafts diff etc. full nut and bolt rebuild. hks hyper max suspenion 300miles old custom rims 10 fronts,11.5 rears 18inch, Ar1 Tryes all round, 300miles on these. hks exhaust immaculate and detailed underside, listed for 45k
  8. ive listed mine for over the top money, partly in hope that nobody pays it, however if they do or get close then ill sell it, ive only done 500miles this year since owning it, its amazing, currently building a 2jz vvti rear engine Mr2, once this is complete ill probably want to drive this as its modified and a project car that will always be worked on which i enjoy a lot, current supra I don't wish to modify as its way to nice, ( apart from wheels and suspension easy to revert). so lets see its funny ive listed it high on the above reason, so many people have gave me the laughing f
  9. So finally got chance to drive the car today. 10j fronts 275 35 18 nankang ar1 semi slicks 11.5j rears 315 30 18 nankang ar1 semi slicks Hks kyper max coilovers, (thanks lee p) Tracking completed today, and rearly enjoyed the car, piwer delivery was excellent even thonits bpu. Here is some pictures.
  10. Ive gone nankang ar1 semi slicks 275 35 18 315 30 18. Not driven the car yet so no real feed back. Its also on bpu. But i dont have traction control or abs.!
  11. Fronts are nearly ready awaiting rears
  12. Send me a message ill send you the contract details. Rims reincarnated is the company doing it for me. Not cheap but probably cheaper than CCWs. Also thee barrels are made in france so a bit of a wait.
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