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  1. Not that much time, I go over driftworks and it was a really quick process, less than month and a half I guess. But Work is working fast now!! So lets hope that you receive your replacement wheel asap. How do you see the center caps?? Are cool right, you just need to paint it no?
  2. It will look awesome, I test fit the center caps and wow!!!! I will send you pics as soon as I came back to my garage
  3. Yessss!! Everything fine! 18x9,5 ET24 18x11 ET30 Im gonna fit Michelin’s 245/35 and 285/35
  4. Tony its a good guy!!! And quick with the shipping, just paint it in the core color and enjoy the look!!! Awesome products there.
  5. And in the other hand, today I receive the Seibon bonnet and a pair of facelift front indicators with black background to remove the orange reflections that kills my eyes everytime that I see a Supra Also I receive a new engine undertray just to have everything in place for the car as soon as it touches the street
  6. Today good news haha Car parts start to get some paint!! And also start with the assembly!
  7. Also I receive today Pro Spec Imports meisters center caps in billet in the MGM Color of my core. And good news I should receive my wheels in 2 weeks. So less than a month and a half to receive my wheels after order!!
  8. Awesome news! Chassis of the car is painted now. Next week the rest of the parts.
  9. Ohhhhh mannnn what a shit!! Hope that it gets solved asap!!
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