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  1. Today! We install the manual rpm face, hard job here, just to preserve the OEM RPM measure. And check all the OEM Wiring on the ECU Side, my car is GERMAN SPEC, so it has a BOSCH OEM inmovilizer attached to the ECU, so remove this, and also fix the OEM Active Spoiler switch, and small number plate. I also have delivery date for the clutch, so i the middle of March I will finally convert the car to manual, cant wait. IMG_4509.MP4
  2. Wow, I don't know why some people treat this cars is this way! Great rescue mate
  3. I coincide with ur opinion, TRD3000 kit + colour + low mileage its a fair price.
  4. I found it as a coincidence in eBay. Not cheap also, but incredible finish and value for your interior.
  5. Today I receive the Carbon 98’ steering wheel, hard to find this!! And love it.
  6. I need the OEM plastic undertrays for engine and front bumper not cracked, dont mind if they are dirty, and open to ship it I will carry with shipping and pick up
  7. Wow!! Didn’t see your project till now Peter! Awesome work there, dedication and attention to detail! Keep up with the good work.
  8. Thanks Luc for always support!! Really need it for this cars hahahaha
  9. New parts arrived RMM urethane lip without wings and coilpack connectors and ventilation hoses. Manual tacho faces to remove the gear selection lights. Also rerouting the wires from the wheel arches to prevent from rubbing because of the car height. Also just repaint the transmission parts with anti-corrosive paint. Just waiting for the clutch and new exterior and BPU parts
  10. Ofc, but always more value than a T56 or R154 swapped TT6
  11. There are lots of solutions now in the market to make a fun car btw But obviously the most car value conservative option its the V160 / TT and single turbo, or whatever hahaha IMO
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