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  1. And also a little update, I will receive boost controller on monday - tuesday, and today I install the AEM Fuel Pump, new brake pedal sensor and OEM rear struts.
  2. I love it, I personally prefer this instead the TRD one, I don’t like the center shape of the TRD. This carbon looks so sexy.
  3. Honestly its beautiful!! I will install it in September when I restore my whole interior
  4. Small update but I think that I should post it, I receive the carbon steering wheel today, and looks crazyyyyy.
  5. The slight changes in the wheels make it look really unique, Im deeply in love with this set, but I want a new style, maybe I will order something different after repaint
  6. FIngers crossed to not blew my car when I convert it to single hahahaha,
  7. Of course, good to receive parts, but its something that happens really often, so non stressed about it hahaha
  8. Hi, Im from Spain, and as a resident I need to pay 25% of the total profits, not incomes of the property every 1/4, which name here are “trimestrales”, you can decrease your payments just showing your property expenses, here in Canaries also we have a reduced taxation for properties and a good “reinvestment plan” by the government that if you reinvest the money that you take of profits in 5 years time onto a new property or property upgrades (like swimming pool, new decoration, blablabla) so in this way you are exempt of taxes on your real state business. Here it depends on which loc
  9. Update! I receive the last few parts to have the full parts for repaint. And also AEM Fuel pump to boost up a little bit this sh*t haha. But unfortunately the OEM windshield came broken!! New one ordered.
  10. Wow lot of work to do there!! Patience and attention to detail, you car will be unique!!
  11. Ouuuu yeah!! Crazy work there mate! Cant wait to see the final result!!!
  12. Better fitment hahaha, it has all the curves on the catback section, I should had ordered this instead of my single box version I think
  13. Thanks!! New things will arrive this next week
  14. Yes!! I can entry to my garage without slicing my car in two parts now LOL It was frustating to install parts and doesn’t fit the way you want, thats an advice for people that are planing to purchase 4” Whifbitz catback, you need to fab this bracket as a MUST!
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