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  1. formatzero

    F1 2021

    Irrespective whose fault it was my big gripe is why didn't Max and Red Bull for that matter not pay attention to the big picture.It was obvious from the sprint race the Merc,s were quick and that Lewis wanting to impress the home fans would go for it.The smart move would have been to let him go on the first lap and if later undercut wasn't possible settle for a nice easy second place with minimal points loss and no wrecked car.They could have just have cost themselves the championship. It's a bit sad mind you if either of them go out there is no race.
  2. To ease the boredom i bought a 24 track recording desk and continue to lose vast amounts of time searching for the perfect vocal and struggling with the complexities of mixdown and mastering,great way to pass the time if music is your thing
  3. That looks nice,have made no move yet for the usual reason,hope things open up later in the year so i can do some test drives !!
  4. That could be a good call,been very wary of BM after reading about engine and I-Drive issues though,would defo need a warranty as I-Drive is a 2k fix i believe.
  5. Thanks for the replies,dont think i could cope with the Aristo fuel consumtion, though i'm sure it would be fun.Volvo too is interesting.My eldest son works in Volvo sales and has been trying to sell me a S90 or V90.Lots of Audi around here but all diesel and its only when you start looking for a petrol you find when you narrow it down to miles,price etc you have limited choice.Hadn't thought of Mercedes or Skoda vrs so will have a look at them.Lexus seems a very reliable choice as is the new Toyota Corolla,so guess it will be a wait and see till test drives can be done.
  6. Been looking for a new daily for a while now and finding difficult to pick one.Needs four seats for taking the grandchildren around.Considerations have been Audi A5 ,A6, S3, BMW 4 series,however reliability issues seem to crop up with nearly all these and as i live in a rural location reliability is high on the list,am i better sticking with something Jap,any comments or alternitive suggestions welcome.As i do a lot of stop start and short runs would need to be petrol or maybe hybrid,cheers
  7. In a 350z now but still active on Forum
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/coronavirus/flying-into-the-height-of-madness-no-checks-on-illegal-ba-holidaymakers-leaving-and-none-coming-back-as-thousands-arrive-every-day-no-wonder-were-the-sick-man-of-europe/ar-BB149jpf?ocid=spartanntp Can this be right?
  9. Ok thanks for the replies,will have to look into it further !
  10. As per title,need new shed,anyone got a plastic one?Are they any good?Main reason for looking at plastic is i'm not getting any younger and looking for a low maintenance shed.
  11. I do like a white Supra,but way out of my price range these days !
  12. Great looking car now.
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